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Selected Radio Caroline Related Guestbook Entries from 1997-1998

Hello Again NormanAs usual your site continues to be interesting and informative, I wonder IfI may prevail upon you to help me with a small problem.As you are aware I am making a replica of the Mi Amigo. I have got to thestage where I need to talk to anybody who worked on the ship, other thanyou, who can answer a few questions.Such as, what was the purpose of the small opening on the forecastle throughwhich a chain past. Was it for the main anchor or the two small reserves?I can provide pictures over the Net of the models progress and wouldappreciate your help.Once again my congratulations on your site.Regards.John S. Platt (xpz67@dial.pipex.com)

Howard G L Rose
Norman,It seems a long time ago - does it not?! Anyway, just to let you know thatI popped into your site and just had to say hi.Regards,Howard G L Rose(Mi Amigo.....long, long time ago....)The RADIO Magazine is published every week by Goldcrest Broadcasting Ltd.Our Address: Crown House, 25 High Street, Rothwell, KETTERING NN14 6AD.Telephone (01536) 418558Fax ()1536) 418539web site: http://www.theradiomagazine.co.uke-mail: radiomagazine-goldcrestbroadcasting@btinternet.com

Norman, I was really pleased to find your page. I was the program director of Radio England in 1966. I would love to get a download of the Spot "That Man" series that I had done....especially the jock logo's. Incidentally, the "pinching" of jingles was mostly started by Radio Caroline and Radio London. We, at SRE, had two Pams packages, but we didn't expect that the other pirates would act like "pirates" and filch them off the air while we were doing transmitter checks. Best regards, Ron O'Quinn

Hi - Used to listen to Caroline while at University, 1964-67. I'd likeinformation about a record I've just got - "Highlights of Big L" Acollectoion of jingles and D.J's memories. No date on record, and no datementioned in the chat. Any idea? Cheers, Roger

Hi,Interesting site you have !I used to listen to Caroline and Mi Amigo in the past. The music playedon Caroline was very good indeed. It's a pity such radiostations are notaround anymore. I think many of the guys that worked for Mi Amigo foundjobs with legal radio stations. For example Frank van der Mast and MarcJacobs, I sometimes hear on Dutch radiostations.One of the names I remember from Caroline is Stuart Russel. I don'tremember your name. (sorry about that)Kind Regards,Hans

Hi Just found your site, very nice. Its nice to see someone still around from the seventies when we were all younger. Enclosed is a photo taken of the mi amigo in Amsterdam to go with your b/w version, see who you recognise there. I think Gerard Van Dam is in it Regards Andy Longhurst

Halloo. Do you recognise this old ship? This picture is from that timeshe was caring timber and wood. Ms Bonjour (Radio Nord) and later MiAmigo.by from Ulf. Caroline fan.

Sorry if I sound some kind of anorak! I've just dropped in on your site courtesy of Alexa (I was actually looking at the EAP site). I've enjoyed listening to the PAMS jingles -they really brought back memories. I remember very clearly RadioCaroline (on 199) before they became two ships, and always enjoyed thejingles as much as the music.I remember at boarding school following the saga of RNI/Caroline thenRNI again during the run up to the 1970 General Election in which we allhated Stonehouse! I also (it must sound terrible) keenly listened to theTony Blackburn Show on Radio 1 in the mornings and thought how professional his presentation was with wall-to-wallmusic/jingles/instrumental backgrounds. Since then I've followed the jingle scene less enthusiastically. Like you (according to the photo's before and after) life has changed direction - married with children (a good title for a comedy??!). But Istill listen when I can to the odd radio prog - they never really got tomatch the likes of Everett and Blackburn. Anyway thanks for a great site and for bringing back even greatermemories.Nick Starkey

Alan Swindells - alansw@globalnet.co.ukIt has been nice to visit your site and to wallow in nostalga for a whileI was a big listener to Caroline (north) in the sixties, and RNI in the seventies.I am afraid I did not listen much to Carolines re incarnation in theseventies as the music format had changed somewhat and I guess I had got older!!So I did not get to hear you on the air. I don't feel land based radio now has the same impact that Caroline etc hadin those days.Best wishesAlan Swindells

David Parker - dparker@microtech.com.au Hi Norman,I thought I would drop you a line and let that I enjoy your site a great deal, keep up the good work. I grew up around Southend and spent most of the time listening to Caroline, I first heard Sergeant Pepper on Caroline I think it was on your show. I have to admit that listening to the Tower of Power Radio One, never did a great deal for me. One of my favourite memories is of listening to Radio Atlantis, a friend of mine and I had no where to live so pitched a tent on the downs just out side Leigh-on-Sea railway station and at night pissed as parrots and stoned as coots listening to Steve Kent and his creepy classics, my favourite was "Feed the Birds", do you know if the still exist and if so are they available. I live to far away these days to have picked up the anniversary broadcasts, 13,000 miles to far away, are there any tapes? Here in Tasmania people have never heard of Pirate Radio Stations and I have been recommending your page as an introduction, people should know how much the stations contributed to the history of music of this century( I can still remember the BBC Light programme!).I'll continue to visit your site, once again many thanks. David Parker.

Nigel Williams - nigelwilliams@lineone.netNorman,I've been in and out of your pages again, can't help myself their addictive!, and was wondering is there any chance of you adding more of those original pics of the Mebo, Veronica and Mi Amigo. I've collected quite a few photos of offshore stations now but few match the quality of your personal snaps. I appreciate your site, or you, are/is more jingle orientated and do enjoy those, including the 'weird beard cut' but my interest is more graphic. If you can't comply how about increasing the definition, I can't quite make out whose in the dingy! If its out in time I promise to buy a copy of your cd. I intend to give it to my brother for xmas who, if true to form, will keep it for two weeks then give it back saying it's not his taste! Regards + 73's

Paul Taylor (New email- paul@penelope.demon.co.uk)Congratulations,Yes you have now had 5000 visitors... thought I would let you know. Splendid web site - a few less wavs and a few more Real Audios would improve response time, though... :-)Anyway, here's the proof: Bye for now,Paul...

Nick the Turnip !!??Hi there... I've had a look round and I have to say it's the most informative site I've ever found... In fact you'll be glad to know that someone actually recommended it to me from a UK production company!!Ok... so thats the creeping bit! Now.... what I was looking for was the beds that Steve Wright used to use on his radio one show.... what they were called and where I could get hold of them. Any ideas.... get back to me..... and keep up the good work! Nick Burrett-- ***********************************************http://www.wsmfm.demon.co.ukICQ Number 2719588***********************************************

Peter Singleton - psingleton@euromedia.co.ukNorman....You're you that Hawkwind freak on Caroline in the mid seventies?He kept playing Hawkwind & a song called "White Punks on dope".It was great.RegardsPeter

Dave Stephenson - djscom@globalnet.co.ukThank you for a great pirate radio site, I like most of your visitors remember the happy days of the 60's and how pirate radio changed our lives.I used to visit my Grandmother, who lived in Herne Bay at Easter and tuned into the first days of Radio Caroline. How great it was to hear our type ofmusic all day and not the small amount from the BBC Light Programme.As I lived in Coventry the stations were a bit weak, but with the help of along wire antenna and an old Eddystone 840C I could spend many happy hours listening at home.I started and ran the local Free Radio Group here in Coventry, which turnedout to be one of the largest in the country. We attended all the rallies inand around the country to try to fight to keep the offshore radio alive. Sadly August 14th 1967 came too soon and with it the loss of the great stations of the time. Though it was good that Caroline continued for som any years after, along with some of the others, RNI and Laser.In 1968 I went to Sydney to live for a while, where I heard ex Radio London, jock Mark Roman make his debue on 2UE. I met Mark a few times andwe used to have long chats about his days on Big L.On return to the UK in 1969 I made a trip to Hamburg where I heard that theGalaxy was moored. Having made a visit to the docks and a few enquiries, Iwas told that I needed to take a ferry to an other area of Hamburg, where Iwould find it moored.After a short while the large radio mast of the ship could be seentowering high above the houses. It was good to see the ex Radio London,ship again and the chance for me to take some photographs of her in thisunusal setting. In the early 70's I was one of the early members of the local hospitalRadio Network, of which I spent 3 happy years. In 1974 I started and ranthe Industrial Radio Network CAS for the then Chrysler UK plants inCoventry. Peugeot took over in the late 70's and up until this year I wasthe Programme Controller for the Peugeot FM Radio Network. Sadly thisstation has closed down this Spring but thanks to the pirate stations fromthe 60's I might not of spent so many happy years in radio.Thank you Norman for this great web site.Dave Stephenson.

N E Svensson - NESvensson@aol.comHello!I just found your site, great and will be back. Right now it is time for dinner.......I am the founder of Skanes Radio Mercur, now living in California. Next yearwe will celebrate the 40 year anniversary of the first commercial radiostation in Scandinavia. More at : hhtp://home4.swipnet.se/~w-41748We'll be in touch, most likely.NES

Dick Gustavsson - dick@daus.seI found your site on the web and your name did bring back a lot of memories. I was born 1957..got into dx-ing in 1971. So then I was listening to Caroline and the rest for some while. I got very strong memories from listening to Norman Barrington...those "simple" jingles still rings in my head. Honestly, what is most remembered is Normarn Barrington shows/jinglesand Caroline and Radio England. I was once a club-DJ myself, very much into soul....still is! Major reason is; Radio Invicta. I knew the guys in the station -so into soul and the music it was great to know them. Anyway, I'd appreciate a contact and I do have some jigle stuff myself (not catalogued yet) that I am willing to exchange.My best Atlantis memory still is the sonovox for Jet (Wings) which I guessis about the first sonovox stuff Steve ever did!My place now: 3 centimetres of snow....WINTER!Dick Gustavsson, Örnsköldsvik, Sweden
Adriaan CuagnHi,Can you send me in ra the RNI theme by mail? I like to have it. Can be done in wav too. Cuagn, Adriaan .oooO ( ) Oooo. VHF DX Amateur Radio Station ---\ (----( )-- \_) ) / PE1KHP JO22XE (_/--------------------------------------------------------------Ham site Apeldoorn http://home.wxs.nl/~adpe1khp/home.htmVeron Afdeling Apeldoorn http://home.wxs.nl/~adpe1khp/v05.htmVERON VHF-UHF commissie http://home.wxs.nl/~adpe1khp/vhf.htm--------------------------------------------------------------Ik wou dat ik een vulkaan was. Dan lag ik in de zon te roken.En dan zou men zeggen: "Kijk, hij werkt!"--------------------------------------------------------------

William Stanley - wstanley@globalnet.co.ukI can (just) remember when they started transmitting one Easter at around 200 meters. I was staying with my aunt, and I had just repaired here valve radio, and returned all the IF's, which probably didn't help it, when I found this Pop music bursting out of the radio. I knew it was not the Light Programme. I remained attracted to the idea of pirate radio for many years, until Caroline finally disappeared for the last time. I am sorry to say I don't remember your name as someone I listened to, but there again I don't remember many on the names from the 'later' stations now, although I listened to tall the ones you mentioned on your page atsome time.I fear I will be hard pressed to hear any of your current output from here(surrey), so I can only wish you good luck.RegardsWilliam Stanley

Reece Porter - geneport@sprynet.com Great to see the web page! I am an old fanatic from the sixties, now living in the US. Whilst searching for memorabelia to finish off a home theater I came across all this great nostalgic "stuff"; this page, Caroline, London, etc. keep up the great work. I am now trying to contact Tom Lodge in California; I'll let you know how it goes! Reece Porter Orlando Florida

Gary Summers - gary.summers@which.netHijust thought that I would drop a line and let you know that I think your web pages are very interesting and something different.I have also listened to you on Waves and like the show.I live in Inverurie and tune in to Waves mostly every day and I am quite surprised that it can be heard over such a large area which I am sure pleases you and the Disco King when it comes to attracting advertising revenue. It probably upsets Collin Strong though and the NECR directors or are you all as one? You do sound more proffessional! Keep up the good work and say hello to the mystery man who claims to be Kenny King for me, Gary Summers

Jan-Fre Vos - jfvos@hotmail.com Hello, I used to listen to Radio Caroline and Radio Mi Amigo at the time you were on the Mi Amigo. The period 1972-1974 of Radio Caroline is my favourite in offshore radio. So I remember you and I very often listen to your programs on tape. By the way, do you have recordings of that time? If so and you want to sell a copy, please e-mail me!I am very interested. I like your site very much. It brings back memories of the past. Keep up the good work. Jan-Fre Vos from Groningen (Netherlands)

Stephen M Flanagan - tallandshort@webtv.net Loved radio caroline, actually applied for a job there 1966 no not as adj -no talent- anything-before moving from Dublin to Florida in the early 70s .,apparently before your time. any idea whatever happened to emperor rosko? johnny walker simon dee-any books about that period? this brings back fabulous memories -thank you. never dreamed id ever hearof radio caroline after 30 years!-especially while living in florida!

Chris Pearson - University e-mail : c9651294@hud.ac.uk Home e-mail : chris@cpcomp.force9.netHi Norman.Cool web site. You've led one awesome life. What was it like to be outthere on the Mi Amigo. I bet you've got some amazing memories! I'm only 19 years of age but when I was little, I used to listen to Caroline andLaser and think how cool it was that I was listening to the broadcasts of aship. I've always been into it since! I've been along to some RSLs but it's just not the same. It's a shame that the Big Bertha project that Christopher England spoke of, never became a reality. (www.christopher.demon.co.uk/caroline.html - I think this is right!) The picture of you in the studio on the Mi Amigo looks really cool. It looks rather sparse though! Not an awful lot of equipment in there, what was itlike? Your web site is great though. It looks like there's never going to be another offshore project in this part of the world! Maybe I should go and live in Israel.... It's nice to see all the photos and hear some jingles, etc. It keeps it all alive! Have you seen the Pirate's Cove site? (ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/pick/pirate.htm) I think it's prettygood.And, by the way, I'm not the Chris Pearson who was on Caroline in '85. Although I have been in contact with him to compliment him on his name!!! Thanks again for your site, and I do love the VU Meter logo on the front page. Very Nice. What the hell does VU stand for anyway? Is it another way of saying db? Chris.

Robert Stanley Clancy - deejay@guernsey.netYour pages certainly have grown and I still have not caught up on all of your pages yet, thanks for keeping the "Reaching Out" on your page . I have noticed that you are using Real Player now with "MAN OF ACTION" , how about "ON MY WAY BACK HOME" New Riders of the Purple Sage(Sweet Caroline) some in the future?. I hope to keep in touch with you now that I got a much more powerfull machine. Thanks again for your brill pages and keep the good work up, Kindest regards from Robert Stanley Clancy from Guernsey Channel Islands

HANS SIEBGENS - hadisie@wxs.nlHi Norm,Here a short note from Purmerend Holland. All those years I thought I was almost all one in loving the AM sounds of the "60. Good to see and to hear that we are with so many and that the "army" of offshore radio fans is still growing. Perhaps we can set up a new offshore radio station with English and Dutch programms. You never know..............Bye bye and keep in touch with the Dutch o.k. ??Hans & Diana Siebgens Purmerend Holland

John B - JB3Bells@aol.com hi Norman...I remember listening to you when you were a SMYTHE. Nice to see your working for B.A...the last I had heard about him was that he had gone missing, presumed dead (!!!!) in China.I am very new to the internet etc so feel lucky that I have discovered so much about the subject I love ...FREE RADIO. I will write later about my owna dvetures with land pirates. Keep up the good work. john.

BARRY DEAN - barry.dean@virgin.net
Norman, Nice to read your page on the Internet. I remember your programmes very well. Do you know what happened to your contemporaries Mark Lawrence, James Ross and Michael Benjamin? The latter sounded as though he was black and very stoned most of the time ! I remember him making some hilarious cock ups. Enjoy your page - keep up the good work regards Barry

Gaston KLARES - gaston.klares@santel.lu
Hi there,Radio ARA has got a new Email-Address: "radioara@pt.lu". Please use it from now on instead of the old one.Our Homepage is still the same: "http://www.ara.lu". The former Email "gaston.klares@santel.lu" remains for private contacts orin relation with my electronic music radio show called "Silent Running". Best wishes,Gaston KLARES for Radio ARA

Jon Morris
Hi Norman Hope your keeping well , just to jog your memory, you did a tape forme of some Caroline stuff last year... Thought you might like to take a look at my sit now Ive updated itand added better Photos and some audio from the station. Im afraid its notquite up to NBs standard but hope you will find it "entertaining".http://ds.dial.pipex.com/town/terrace/ql83/index.html ` Anyway best wishes to you , keep up the good work. Best wishes Jon MorrisStill looking for that pot of GOLD!***** Rainbow Radio Rocks On *****

Dear Norman,I want to compliment you on your site. It just keeps getting better, and it is one of my greatest resources. I recently discovered a fan site for WLAC in Nashville, Tennessee, and I thought you might be interested in it. Back in the late 50's and early 60's, WLAC blanketed the south and east with some of the finest rhythm &blues music available. Hre is the location:http://www10.geocities.com/Hollywood/Lot/5759/wlac/wlacdex.htmlAgain, thanks for the wonderful information, and I hope you enjoy the WLAC site. Sincerely,John King

Norman, I have alway been a Caroline fan since I was twelve years old back in 1973.I have lots of books, photographs, LP's and cd's about Caroline an Offshore Radio. Since a few weeks I can surf on the Internet and I am pleased with all the offshore-pages. I am surprised that Offshore Radio still got the interest of so many people. Caroline and Mi Amigo were my greatest friends when I was a teenager. Good luck and keep the spirit alive. Henny Zwaan Leiden Holland

Simon, son of Jeff
I am so impressed with your collection, I have found just what I have been looking for, Am actually looking for my Dad who was around in the 50's up. He use to stay up and listen to all the stations at night and during the day of course. He is computer illiterate so I'm looking for him, not to say I 'm not interested in it. He has rubbed off on to me. Just on suggestion, I personally would find it a lot easier if you put the min sections of station and era because I unfortunately was not there and don't know all these peoples name. One I do know is Jimmy Saville, he was a mate of my Dad's(I have a photo with him). He was not on the sea, he was a DJ at the club as was me Dad. anyway better go, I'd be interested in anything you have to reply thanks by Simon, son of Jeff


Ian Horrocks
It's good to see so much interest in offshore radio on the net. I clearly remember your programs and jingles from the North Sea in the 70's. Great time for Radio.I wondered if you remember a peice of music used by RNI - Peace by Peter? I know it appeared on a compilation CD released in Holland a few years ago buthave no other details. Can you or anyone reading your guest book help? Great site.Ian I J Horrocks@aol.com

Rob Minter
I've spent all day listening to jingles when I should have been working !I've had a passing interest in Pirates ever since I aquired my parents oldvalve radio in about 1966. With a long piece of wire stretching down to theend of the garden I could pick up Radio London and Radio Carolinereasonably well from Tadley, just west of Basingstoke.What I was really plased to find today was the North Sea Internationaltheme music ! I used to listen to them test broadcasting that for days (??)before real transmissions started. I could even pick Radio North Sea inWest Wales on my little transistor radio so they must have had a strongsignal.I can't claim to know anything about the Pirates from a technical point ofview - I don't know a Megahertz from a kiloWatt but they are sadly missedand I often wish that they could return. Maybe someday they will.In the meanwhile thanks for putting up such a superb site.Rob Minter

Steve Hobson
Norman,Can you help to identify the DJ that introduced 'The Big Line Up' circa1967/68 on Radio CarolineReply please to SHobson.compuserve.comMany thanks in anticipation of a positive replySteve Hobson
Norman's note:- Anyone help?

Mike Grant
Hello norman ive just spent about an hour looking through your ex site on the web. i was wondering if you could help me out with a few things. ive been trying for ages to get hold of some recordings of radio luxembourg from the 1970s i wonder if you might have some or know where i could get some ( i have loads of tapes for trade rni caroline etc)also i would really like to get a few contacts in the usa and australia who would be interested in swapping cassettes of (modern day) fm radio ie i send one of my local radio station and they send one of their local equivelent. ive tried leaving my e mail on a number of sites for months but no response!! any ideas norm on what i could try or perhaps you might know someone?
Norman's note:- Anyone help?
finally norm do you know of any offshore fans in the south west(i live in chard in somerset) im beginning to think im the only one in the whole of the south west! as ive tried ads in several freead papers in this area with zero response!!! i spent a lot of time in kent in the early 1970s hence my offshore interest i know there is a lot more interest in the south east but im sure there must be another fan some where!! ah well id better sign off now as the wife is calling! cheers 4 now and keep up the great work best wishes mike. :]
Norman's note:- Anyone in the SW want to get in contact?
It's mike.grant1@virgin.net

Martin J.A
Years ago in the seventies and eighties I was an offshore radio freak and also a dj on many pirate stations. In that time, in the eighties I made some jingles for Caroline. Maybe they used one of them. 3 Times I have seen the Ross Revenge and I was there. It was a great time. Now I am doing psychic work. See my homepage: http://www.tip.nl/users/martinh
Martin J.A.

Derek Chamberlain
NormanI have just been lucky enough to be involved in a small way in the radio caroline transmissions I am a long time pirate radio fan and will write again about my memories and experiences when I have more time keep up the good workDerek Chamberlain

Patricia and Richard in Houston
Norm...you have such a great website...enjoyed visiting very much!
We are songwriters here in the USA....and we were all very moved with therecent death and funeral of Princess Diana...we wrote a song in her honor inour recording studio this weekend and would love to send you a copy for yourcollection...of course having some airplay would be wonderful....let us knowif you are interested and we will send you a copy...(cassette) Let us knowyour address!
Thanks Patricia and Richard in Houston, Texas :) TrishNHou@aol.com

glyn rowland
I have just spent around an hour browsing through you web. It is great, so much better to see things from the view of some one who was there. The pictures are great, I am a little two young to remember the best days of caroline and never even got to here any of RNI. Although I did get a taste of off shore radio with Caroline in the 80's I heard the whole thing start on that Saturday Afternoon in 82 was it ? and I also had the pleasure of Laser 558 and laser hot hits on it's return. But I must say that last year I managed to stand on the deck of the Ross Revenge and touch the word CAROLINE some thing I had wanted to do for years. I also managed to get it on video. I was able to do this during a visit to the ship in the docklands during one of the RSL's. kEEP UP TH GOOD WORK WITH THE WEB SITE.

Michael Terry
Just found your pages - brilliant! Are you going to be on the Radio London RSL? [Norman's note] Nope can't - But look at my main page on 14th August....

Steve Conway

I see you have updated your page, and changed location. I'll amend the
listings on my site to reflect this.

By the way, Line 1 changed into NEWSTIDE a while ago, and we are now at:


This is why the Line 1 link on your page is marked unavailable -
line1.co.uk is no longer around.

Newstide basically gives the same service (radio news, articles,
pictures etc), except that it's much expanded, and operates twice a week
rather than weekly.

I'll make sure my links to you are updated this weekend.


Steve Conway

Mark Stafford
Dear Norman, Just visiting your site again, one of many visits over the last six months after entering the world of web anoraks !! I'm glad to say that I'm one of those who does remember you from your Caroline days, both as Norman Barrington and Norman Barrington-Smith (or was it Smyth !!). 1973 was the the era, I remember it well. The early days of the return of the Mi Amigo, the 389 International Service with Andy Archer, Steve England, Paul Alexander and you among others. Then the Radio Seagull period. I was a young anorak in those days and was glued to the radio most of the time. So, now you know that you have not been forgotten by the old anoraks. In fact it was the period from RNI in 1970 through to the mid 70's that inspired me most to become a deejay. After around 15 years of pirating I finally made it to the legitimate world of ILR in the early '90s. I spent around 2 years working for Invicta FM and Invicta Supergold. Until I got kicked out for being to old for FM in 1993 !! After that it's been a string of RSL's and hopefully it should be a couple of weekend shows on one of the new Kent local stations later this year. Anyway, just a few words about your site. Being a jingle freak I love the old jingle tracks, keep up the good work ! Finally, would it be possible to give the brand new RBL site a link from your site. It features extracts from the offshore interviews and documentaries which we have produced over the last 10 years. Plus a few jingles from our collection. You may be interested to know that we possess a "Norman Barrington" Sonovox jingle which somehow got done when someone was wallying around during a session in the 1980's. They were going through a few anorak names and somehow yours came out ! How's that for fame !! I'd let you have a copy as a wave file if I knew how to send one with an e-mail. I'll work it out soon !! The RBL site is at rblradio Best regards Mark Stafford RBL The Radio Broadcasting Library

George Gibson
Norman, Thanks for the most interesting page on the WWW. I guess I'm about the same age (and hairline) as you and have many memories of the stations of the 60's and 70's. I've been a fairly regular visitor to the Netherlands since I first went on a school trip in 1965 and first heard "pirate radio" thanks to the Dutch bus driver who was constantly tuned to "Big L", I think I can still remember most of the records on the Big L playlist, that Easter in 1965. I remember your times on Caroline, Mi Amigo and Seagull, we always got much better reception of the stations here in Newcastle, when they were off the Dutch coast, rather than in the Thames Estuary. I've got the East Anglia Productions LP "Another 10 years of Offshore Radio", which has a recording of you and Tony Allen (where is he now), talking about the Dutch Marine Offences Act. Did you start life on the Mi Amigo as Norman Barrington-Smyth, or is that just an aberration of my fading memory. Are you still in radio, or do you make a living creating web pages, I see you've done a good one for KenR. I've got a history of just missing important evevnts in pirate radio history, I did the "anorak" trip from Scheveningen around the Mebo II on the weekend before the Mi Amigo came back out too sea. I had a short holiday in Holland the Easter that the Nordeney was on the beach, but by the time we reached Scheveningen it had been refloated and both the Nordeney and the Mi Amigo were transmitting Veronica's programmes. I enjoy listening to the jingles on your home page and have a couple of obscure requests. The "Batman" set that were used on Radio England, I always thought caught that period in time very well. I also remember a jingle played at the start of the English service every evening, on Mi Amigo/Caroline, by your old shipmate Brian Anderson, it used the same music as the Wondeful Big L (Big Lil) theme tune, but the words ended with "push button one", I guess it must have been from a demo tape. I hope this makes some sense to you. I'm off to spend a week on a course Holland, in 2 weeks (accompanied by the wife and kids who are going to enjoy a week at Center Parcs, while I graft away) and am hoping to have a drive past the Communicator, I see you had the honour of a guided tour, can you give me a pointer to which part of the Ijsselmeer it's on (nearest town etc.) Again thanks for a great home page and some great radio 72-74, thanks for taking the chance. -- George Gibson E-mail george@widgy.demon.co.uk Newcastle upon Tyne UK

Richard K. LuvGroovy
Hi, my name is Richard K. Luv Groovy, of LGM Sound, an up and coming record label here in the United States of America. Currently we are managing a junglist by the name of DJ Fusion, who has been burning up the Los Angeles, New Mexico, San Francisco, San Diego, Texas, Utah, and New York Underground Jungle/Drum and Bass scene. We were hoping to develop some contacts overseas in England as well as in Europe. I was wondering if you were interested or if you knew any interested parties as far as booking DJ's from America (DJ Fusion). Would you please let me know if this is of any interest to you, and if you can email me back a mailing address as well as your other contact information, that way I can be able to send you a demo tape as well as any other press materials, bio info., etc. I appreciate your help... Peace, Luv, and Hair Grease, Rich

Graham Whitely
Great site Norm! "Nostalgia.... that's our middle name!!" Great memories of listening to the pirates under the bedcovers on a tranny that had six foot of solder stuck in the back and out thruogh the window.... Great reception! I was a Big L, Caroline North, Radio England (on a good night) and 270. I even remember snatches of Radio Scotland - Hoots! Keep up the good work an' I'll be back!

Bomberna Filip
Hi Norman, Just want to say you have a great page. I love the offshore radio's very mutch and I am putting up a history of all European stations with jingles and airchecks. The Dutch side is the biggest at this moment, the English version is started. Pictures, Jingles and Aircheck are the same on both pages Dutch: http://www.page4life.nl/offshore.radio English: http://www.page4life.nl/offshore.radio2 CUl8R on the net -- Bomberna Filip e-mail: bombernf@glo.be (home)

Have just learnt of your web site from a good friend. Remember you from the days of Radio Seagull . Have been offshore fan from the begining in '64. Ended up working in broadcasting myself ( as a Technical Operator ) did some on-air work in Orkney and Manchester. Am now Sound Recordist for TV. Looking forward to EAP`s venture as Big L. Hope to get down there to hear it. A suggestion for your web jingle: "From a point at sea to circles in your mind, This is the New Radio Caroline." Best Wishes Martin D , Westerton ,Glasgow.

Richard Hoey
Hi Norman As you may know, my web site has been difficult to access lately, due to various ISP problems. However, the good news is that it's all working again, with a slightly different url: NEW WEB PAGE I'm currently working on an improved look to the page (wouldn't be hard) and I've added a few more audio clips - with better quality on the way... If it's possible, I'd appreciate a link to it - I'm very short of visitors! Many thanks Richard

Hi Norman How wonderful to find the good ship on the net. I have been hooked on Radio Caroline and everything to do with it since you began transmitting off the coast of England back in I think 1964. Great to know I am not the only enthusiast left and hope to hear and see much more at this port of call. I was of a generation that grew into teenage when I first heard the exciting and different sounds so new compared to our own BBC establishment radio. Without Radio Caroline and the others I am sure many British groups would not have made it so big, especially the more anti establishment ones. The ones who gave us a voice and the awareness that we could have our own ideas. Not everything our parents and authorities said and did was right, and they now are learning to swallow their past words. Because the freedom of the airwaves and also of the young uncluttered minds has become so important. I have so many memories of those Ross Revenge (have I spelled it right) days along our coast. So many questions as well but for now I will just say well done and keep up the good work. regards Trish

Robert Stanley Clancy
Hi Norman, nice to see a face and voice? from the past. I'm quite new to the net and was rather surprised to see a name I once knew on the radio, I'm still in a state of shock to find any thing to do with offshore radio on the net. I found your site by accident, I got a web address wrong and suddenly heard your jingle blowing me out of my chair!!!. I like your pages and will certainly be coming back again to your web site, I notice that you have old jingles in your collection and that you want jingles request's. I have a request Norman, have you by chance got the jingle package that was used on 773KHZ 389 METRES that went something like "reaching out touching you 77" I would like it if you could put the jingles on your jingle page at some time in future. I collect jingles and have nearly all of Radio Caroline's, except the jingle package that was used on 773KHZ 389 METRES back in 1973/74 and Caroline 558 jingle package used on 558 KHZ 1987 to 1990, the package that went "Caroline 5-5-8". Perhaps you can help me out Norman with the jingle packages I WILL CERTAINLY pay you for your trouble if you can help me in any way. I don't know if am allowed to give you my home address or telephone number over the e-mail perhaps you can advise me on the protocol of what one can send over the e-mail mode. I look forward to hearing from you Norman and keep up the good work on your page, your the first page I turn to when I come onto the net. Yours sincerely Robert Stanley Clancy e-mail:- deejay@guernsey.net
[NORMAN'S NOTE:- Robert here's your Reachin' out cut I pinched it from a Pepper Tanner Demo to use onboard!]

Tony Magon
Norman Barrington wrote: Do you have the recording of the theme tune for Radio Nordzee International, I think the name of the tune was/is called Man of Action. Hope to hear from you soon 73 Yes I have Man of Action (Les Reed) - Do you want a dub? Thanks for writing, I am amazed the signal could get to the other side of the planet! Norman Yes Norman I certainly would, either in wav or real audio would be fine Also another question, when I was in the UK, mainly around Portsmouth in late 1971 to early 1972, there was a tune which I think got up to about number 5 on the UK hit parade in November 1971. It is/was called "Tap turns on the Water" by a group called CCS. It was originally released on the RAK label (run by the late Micky Most) This recording was never released in Australia or New Zealand. I have been told that it has been re-released on CD or tape called British Top Hits of the 70s or similar. I would like to get a dub of it if possible, or maybe you can steer me in the right direction on where to get a copy of the CD or tape re-released. Also all the stations I heard from UK in New Zealand I have written confirmation. Also is there a web site on the internet which gives a lot of background into the Marine Offences Act put thru the UK parliament 30 years ago. Some of the statements put around at the time by the UK government were an obsolute disgrace. For instance - The Pirate stations were causing interference to emergency services. From my memory of this statement, they never exactly stated which emergency service, which frequencies were being interfered with, nor ever produced taped evidence. As you probably know we did have a pirate radio station in NZ, called Radio Hauraki in Auckland which operated on 1480 kHz from 1966 to 1971, and it certainly was a far smaller vessel that Caroline or the others. It was a small coaster, the transmitter only ran about 2kw, which was built from scratch. It was originally on old Navy transmitter, but the only thing was was left as original was the cabinet and chassis. A friend of mine told me that they first flashed up the transmitter in one of the inner suburbs of Auckland on a dummy load, and wiped out all the the TV reception around the area. They then managed to load the transmitter into a van, and took it to the land based studios. Access to the studios was by a back entrance, up some very narrow stairs and thru a door, then a few yards to the lift. They got the transmitter into the lift and up to the studios a couple of floors above. They kept the transmitter in their landbased studios/offices, until the ship the MV Tiri was fitted out. Station members stayed in the offices 24 hours a day to guard the transmitter, because they feared that the NZ Post Office, as it was known at the time would come with police to execute a search warrant and confiscate the transmitter. The NZPO and the police never arrived. The lift which was used to get the transmitter up to the studios/offices never sounded the same. It used to graunch and groan in normal operation..... Very little of the programming was done at sea. 95 percent of it was done in the shorebase studios a week or two weeks in advance, then the tapes were flown out by a float plane to the ship. If the weather was calm the plane would land, if the weather was rough the waterproof cannisters contaning the tapes would be dropped by parachute. In one particular instance someone decided to include a tin of paint in with the tapes. When the cannister hit the water, the paint tin lid flew off, and you can imagine the state of the tapes...... unusable. The local programming that was done was the news and the weather, and occasionally during the summer some of the DJs would go out and run live, but the ship was quite small. They were anchored in the Hauraki Gulf which gave them a bit of shelter Hi Norman Thanks very much for the dub of Man of Action. One of the statements about Radio Hauraki was not correct. The distance of the sea triangle was in fact 3 miles instead of 12 miles as I stated.... Sorry about that.. The URL for the history of Radio Hauraki is http://homepages.ihug.co.nz/~michaelp/99fm/history.html
If you have not already read it, it gives a brief history of Hauraki in the pirate days. I have a 30 min or so tape called The History of Radio Hauraki, which I could dub for you and post it, or if you like I could put it on realaudio, but it would probably be a very big file. I am now employed for Telstra (Telecom Australia) as a Telecomms Technician, but first started off in the Royal NZ Navy as a Radio Operator, after 8 and a half years I became a NZ Coastal Maritime R/O until 1989, when I was made redundant, then came over to Sydney Australia, and worked here in Sydney as an R/O for the Australian Coastal Radio Service, when the Maritime side of things started winding down, I then transferred into the phone exchange side of things and have now just about completed my Advanced Telecommunications Certificate. I have also held an Amateur Radio Certificate for a number of years, so electronics is no mystery to me. Regards Tony Magon

Vince Marks
Hi Norman, I sent you an email ages ago, don't know if you got it. How about letting us hear again the jingle that was played on the Mi Amigo in the 70s'. The one that starts off" Seving the European continent......this is the new Radio Caroline" Cheers Vince Marks

terrific stuff keep up the good work, I missed the best as I was out celebrating my birthday, August the 14th would you believe !!! Ken at Transworld Satellite.

Andrew Fenner
Dear Norman
I do not know how often you check your e-mail, but if you get this before 25 Aug 1997 could you please ring me. I am a presenter on BBC Radio Lancashire and on Bank Holiday Monday morning we are presenting a programme about Pirate radio and would like you to appear on it. Could you perhaps call me at home
Thank you
-- Andrew Fenner

Nigel Williams
Nice one Norm, it was realy spooky hearing some of those jingles after such a long time! The pics were excellent also. As my only original hardcopy is an RNI QSL from back in 72 I always appreciate an opportunity to download someone else's. Comments on your pages suggest that Veronica may still be active or at least the ship is still intact somewhere. I would be intersted to know more so when you next update the page perhaps you could address this and please if possible add Man of Action to your excellent library of jingles. 73's
ps If Camelot are good to me tonight I'll be seeking the benefit of your expertise...if only!

Carole A Smith
hi norman i'm writing because i live with a english man who remembers "pirate radio" well. i've heard stories about radio caroline, london, radio 390 etc....now....he was a member of the free radio society fighting to keep them alive....he once went out to radio london out off of frinton county of essex...he is sipping a glass of cabernet here in san francisco, california usa reminising about those wonderful memories 30 years ago. i downloaded some of the tunes but having a bit of a problem playing them....something about format...would they be in a format we can use directly here in the usa?????i spent some time in great britan last july 1996...looked around a bit then in book stores for information on pirate radio but had no luck....really very happy to see that you are able to provide insight into the era of pirate radio...the big sound from the sea....my friend remembers the day when it was all over....looking forward to hearing from you... lovely in britian. i spent 3 weeks. cheers carol a.smith & neville l.woolhouse (formerly of newark england)

Pierre Deseyn
Hi Norman, You may remember me from 1973. I was on that ship too pretending to be a DJ! Had a couple of names like Jeremy Bender and Pierre Van Gent that you may remember. It was great fun. Had to go to the army then (april) and when that was over I did some radio with AJ Beirens on RNI and after that a short while in Italy. Gave it all up then and settled down. Got married and as of now I'm a proud father of two girls (aged 12 and 14). I'm now system engineer with EDS( computer firm) and that pleases me a lot. I was happy to hear from you via the net and while seeing your picture ( in the good old Mi-Amigo studio) I was rather moved. Do you know whatever happened to Tony Allan and Andy Archer? Have fun, don't forget to laugh every day. Pierre

Norman Brilliant web site, loved the Caroline and london Jingles!!! I was so impressed the first time I visited that I constructed my own web site as a tribute to Radio Caroline. Its not as good as yours but it has realaudio copies of my original 30 year old tape recordings and pictures.
http://members.aol.co m/rcarolinen/tribute.html
Would like to hear news of the Caroline North DJs. What are they doing now and where, are
Pat Irons
email patirons@inconnect.com
Just thought I do quick email to say hello!!! I was checking out radio Caroline and found your web page to. I will linking these with my website if you don't mind, I love them.
Pat Irons - Cliff Richard US Homepage

Conrad Lentz
Hi NormanI have seen your internet pages several times and I find them quite amazing. As a regular listener of the good old offshore radio stations I'm interested in related material like recordings photos books and so on

Maurice Dougan
Norman, I came across you site while looking for an answer to a quiz question, perhaps you could help? I know it was before your time, but can you recall which island Northern Radio Caroline was anchored in the 60's? I can remember that the reception in Edinburgh was a bit better for Caroline that it was for Radio Lux, but I must confess that I listened to the original Radio Scotland. Thanks, Maurice
[Norman's Note:- 'Twas in Ramsey Bay off the Isle of Man]

Dave Strange,
I enjoyed browsing your web site (very very impressive) and the high spot was listening to the jingles. Thanks for the memories. Sadly, I must own up to being a Big L listener in the early days - although I must have listen to yourself on Caroline in one of its various reincarnations from time to time. I followed the fortunes of the ship quite closely and remember it being grounded off Walton-on-Naze and also being jammed by the Government. You ask for suggestions for jingle listening on your web site, so please can I put in a request for one I have not heard for about 20 years? It is one that has got plenty of sonavox and the words go something like: "It's a case of love at first listen......the station that's all heart". Thanks in advance and best regards, Dave Strange
[Norman's Note:- The jingle is now online for you! Click here Pepper Tanner Cut (all Heart) ]
Many thanks for taking the trouble to post the "All Heart" jingle in your home page, it was great to hear it again. I did collect jingles once upon a time and had the Pepper Tanner demo tape which contained that particular cut, but unfortunately I have long lost it in one of my many moves. I got back into it slightly a couple of years ago when I was stuck out in America for a long period and sent back message tapes to my girl friend which I contrived to be like mini radio programmes to make them more easy to listen to. I would use the PC to assemble the programme using a very excellent editing package called Cool Edit. So it was that I started to link the material together with music and the odd jingle here and there, but I always really wanted an "All Heart" jingle to finish off the effect and, of course, could never find one. Very best wishes, Dave Strange

Robert Walve
Hi Norman! I have updated my Luxy Picture Gallery-site and of course your new address. It works fine now! By the way, the interest of a Luxy-site seems to be rather big. A month ago a German named Andreas Kramer sent me picture from the station. You can see them on my pages now! Hope to hear from you! Regards

Martin MacGregor
Now live in Vancouver BC. Used to work on Radio Essex as Peter Lane and previously created Radio Shanus ( Shameless) from Kingston College of Technology in the early 60's. Looking for any of the old Radio Essex gang. Anyone know where Richard Palmer is these days? What a great time it was!!! - Martin MacGregor
[Norman's note:- yes I do know where he is though I can't publish his phone number here - I'll see to it that you get in touch though!]

David Hebditch


Dear Norman, I wonder if you can help me with the whereabouts of George Sanders? I understand he was the engineer on the Mi Amigo until 1966. He joined the BBC after taking a course at Amersham in 1968. Nothing thereafter as of yet. Many thanks, David Hebditch.
[Norman's note:- Can anyone help Dave here?]

Chris Pearson


Great Web Site... interesting to note from your Visitors books how many other ex-Caroline jocks have checked in!!! Bet there were more, but not all of 'em will sign in!!! Chris Pearson (Caroline 1985) now with BFBS Forces Radio

Bob McWilliam


Interesting to note that you now live in Peterhead, not that far from John B. Mair another veteran of the Mi Amigo days. I take it that you will be applying for the RA Peterhead/Fraserburgh licence which closes for application on May 13? With only serving 45,000 on FM or 55,000 adults on AM, it is going to be difficult to make a profit as the RA is offering, in what is ILR terms, very high power - 2kW on FM and an incredibly 5kW on 882 kHz medium wave. Reading about your days on the Mi Amigo, I too was on the ship in the summer of 1972 assisting with repairs and then I got the offer of a job as a DJ in Geneva. More recently I was part of the project management team and launch programme director in 1992 for Q96 FM in Paisley. I am awaiting with interest the start of 'Radio 864' from Greenore, Ireland. This project should have been on-air months ago. A short note of introduction. Regards, Bob. e-mail robert.mcwilliam@bbc.co.uk

Ignas Kuppens
Visited the MV in september 1978 with some friends, with the Germaine (sailor from Flushing, NL) on board were then Steve Gordon, Tom Hardy and others. From Mi Amigo Johan Visser, Marc Jacobs, Kees Borrel and Ferry Eden. Two days i will never forget! Bye!
Ignas Kuppens Nijmegen Holland

Ian Evans in Bristol
Popped into your page today. I used to use the name Ian Palmer (or Roger Meladio) on Caroline 558/ 819 in 1988/89. Andy Bradgate and I did a Caroline RSL down here last year with DJs like Melanie, Johnny Reece, Richard Bismarck, James Barclay, Andy Brooks etc from a boat called The Thekla in Bristol docks. My E-mail address is iae001@netgates.co.uk but I don't get round to checking it that often.
Cheers, Ian
This message came from a public cafe mailbox, and City Netgates cannot guarantee that any replies to this address will reach the intended recipient.

After all these years, I finally write! Firstly, I am very grateful tohave heard Caroline and your show back in those early seventies. My understanding of the times would not have been the same, even if gathered in hindsight, as I was very young at the time.Never in a gazillion years did I imagine you'd be on the net - after allthis time. This is the first I have heard of you since those glorious days 72-73.Not even in Offshore Conventions have I heard or seen you -have you moved onto other things? Brief history: I first heard you early 1973 on 259 in northern Denmark, when the signal was clean and pure... (full power from the C.E. 317C, nodoubt, plus fewer stations around with less power)I was 13-14 years old at the time, and remember how you used to play Focus, Akkerman, ELP. Great stuff. Those days. it used to take a year toa year and a half before the same msuic would even be released In Denmark. Andy Archer used to follow your show with "School's out" I think, it had Jan Akkerman's "House of the King" as the opening theme. I was also an RNI listener at the time, but slowly swayed to favour Caroline and it's more mature format. Such was the inherent Spirit of the station, regardless of who was on air. I remember the L.A. jingles -the first were the best, I think! BTW, any ideas who might have decent copies of these? I am particularly interested in the early ones done by Mike Haggler; Tony Allen. I have a rusty LH 1/4" duplicate (3rd generation) of some of them .On that subject, remember the sonovox jingles you used to through inyour show? Great stuff! Who did them (Steve England?). Yup, fine memories for sure -- Seems to me the team and the spirit was very much an extension of the Seagull mood (whicuh, sadly, I never heard).However, the changes that ocurred at the end of 1974 (not just the MOA)seemed to shift the whole mood - musically, politically. 1973 to me wasa peak - in muscial choice, diversity, etc.As a young lad in primary school, I and my mates used to listen to 259 to expand our musical outlook. (Though I doubt at the time we would have labled it so). I never did write to you at The Hague office, but now, thanks to email(and 25 years) I have an opportunity to thank at least ONE of you guys for the sounds you introduced us to. The contrast from Radio Mi Amigo was almost black & white, don't you think? I am a seventies progressive music lover at heart and cannot find that easy going unhurried personal pace anywhere in radio today, even in oldies shows. And no, not even in the USA. What does this prove? Caroline was truly unique in those days, seeming to spread something more than just the music. I guess trends had to move on, but for a fewyears (up til about '76), there was an exploration going on, as Ronanwould have called it.This email is a gut reaction, having only seen five minutes of your siteat 1.4 - 2.0 speed. Sunday on ISDN dialup. Just wanted to say hello andthanks for those shows all those years ago. 259 and that era also provided me with inspiration to do the impossible and follow some dreams without regrets. I think I still have one 9-minute sound bite of you leading up to the 9 o'clock spot on a weekday evening in '73. Signal rilliant, some slight quivering modulated interference, otherwise fine. Finally, you will be wondering how I found your page. There is a link from something radio.dk (R@ven's site). Pure coincidence brings me here- nostalgia extends the stay! Neat of you to jolt some memories. I wasyou 1901st visitor...Oh, a few words about myself: Had I been ten years older at at the time,I would have joined Caroline on the spot. When I was ready for Offshore Radio, it was gone (1980-83) and I went into the Dutch/Italian FM scene as a cover for an offshore fantasy that never materialised. Later, having seen what became of Caroline, I figured 'twas not for meto sit for months on end without decent food & drink or much pay. Amazing it lasted as long as it did. (Whatever happened to Caroline anyway? Can('t hear a thing on 558 or 963 thanks to that **%+ Finlandstation).And of course, then came satellite tv/radio. AM never worked on a mass scale in Scandinavia - anyway, despite it having started out here (also on FM) AM is almost extinct here used only for minority narrowcasting.But the heyday of AM outlaws are not forgotten by a faithful few. That's why I figured you might appreciate word from afar, since I s'pose most of your feedback then (and now) comes from the UK/Holland?? I have ventured into Scandinavian syndication of some shows (208 Top20), until it stopped, and now work in Publishing Design. Thanks again and nice *meeting* you. John P.S. I am no anorak, but wouldn't it be fun to do it all again? I am sure you would get many sighs of relief from listeners old and new, who cannot find any decent music on their radios - including the young of today, who seem to have had their inner ears monotonised rather than opened. Music is now a very carefully orchestrated industry with fews urprises / experiments. AOR stations in Philadelphia, PA are the closest I find (e.g. 94 WYSP),but there, very American: no soul and too much emphasis on classics.Caroline had room for deviations, e.g. Lothar and the Hand People, "Standing on the Moon", Thijs van Leer, etc.For me, Caroline was more than good music and a friendly, personal attitude. It will forever stand out as youth with an attitude and management with enormous trust in the dj's. In many ways historicalt hings of the past, and somehow connected with what went on in people's heads at the time, right? ! A re-run seems unimaginable, there are so few differences left between countries, cultures - the world seems homogenised by global culture today. BTW, I have some old copies of Radio News (ex Free Radio News) in German, with photographs from those days, including one when you got pulled over by Dutch Police for being 11 (Elja v.d. Berg, Johnny Jason,T.Allen...) people in a VW microbus designed for 3...(remember?) Alas,even Holland itself has a very different mood today - the free, wildlife seems to have been replaced by this more global, digitalindifference. What's your angle?

glyn rowland
Hi Norman, I have just spent around an hour browsing through you web. It is great, so much better to see things fromthe view of some one who was there. The pictures are great, I am a little too young to remember the best days of caroline and never even got to hear any of RNI. Although I did get a taste of off shore radio with Caroline inthe 80's I heard the whole thing start on that Saturday Afternoon in 82 wa sit ? and I also had the pleasure of Laser 558 and laser hot hits on it'sreturn. But I must say that last year I managed to stand on the deck of theRoss Revenge and touch the word CAROLINE some thing I had wanted to do for years. I also managed to get it on video. I was able to do this during avisit to the ship in the docklands during one of the RSL's. kEEP UP TH GOOD WORK WITH THE WEB SITE.

Robert de Goede
Hi mate, It whas only by going to one of these meetings to see some old fellow announcers, that "Herby the fish" told me of your site. And I must say, I have spend the best of a rainy Sunday afternoon watching what you had to offer. It was nice to see that you have the same haircut, that I have for some time now. God, its been ages ago, since I've seen any of you guys and sometimes when I think back... I do miss those day's. As we get older, the past seems to be wonderful for we do forget much of the problems of those day's. Norm.. remember Record World at the N.Z.Voorburgwal in Amsterdam? And the parties at the van Hogendorpstraat in The Hague ( with Peter and Ellen. Gosh... thats ages ago. It was nice to see that some of my old friends have seen your pages aswel and that they are dooing o.k. I stoped working in radio about two years ago (because of health reasons) but I do miss it alot as its a planet of its own.If you see, or speak to Andrew (Dawson) or Tony Allan (Smith) say hello from me will you? I hope that maybe in the future we will all have a meeting somewere and talk about the "good ol' day's... for now Norm..C.U.

Udo Frey
Hi, in the early 70's, I listened to "Radio Nordsee International" andto "Radio Mi Amigo" from my Home-Island BORKUM in the Northsea!I enjoyed to read your Webside - good wishes for the future ! Udo

Rikco Pardoen
Hello Norman,When you were on the Mi Amigo I was seven to nine years old. I did not yet listen to the English broadcasting. Nevertheless I most definately remember your name. I have been thinking why. Could it be that when Veronica was stranded in 1973(?) and they broadcasted from the Mi Amigo for a week, you were the technician? Rikco Pardoen, Amsterdam, Holland.

Rob Mesander
Hello Norman, I just visited your homepage and i remeber you from the early '70's. My question is: i am a collector of old radio tapes from 1956 - 1972 from all stations (London, Caroline, RNI, Luxemburg etc.) but i can't find anywhere on the internet fellow tape-collectors. Maybe you can help? Yours sincerely, Rob.

Steve Beer
steve.beer@bass.almac.co.ukHi Norman. I've been visiting your WWW pages for a few months - just gets better and better !. I am slowly building a few pages of my own about offshore radio - you already have a link to them http://www.almac.co.uk/personal/steveb/319_1.htm I've just added some off-air Radio Mi Amigo stuff, recorded in South Wales in 1978. Gives you some idea how strong the 963 KHz signal was !. Keep up the good work. I'll keep coming back to see what else you have added. I love the pictures, just wish I had some of my own but I was too young at the time !!!!! Cheers. Steve http://www.almac.co.uk/personal/steveb/

Hello Norman! I have created a page containing photos from Radio "208" Luxembourg at http://www.geocities.com/broadway/5048/208.html and it would be nice if you would link to that. In the near future the thought is the webpage could be something of a central for Luxyfans. Regards Robert

jon morris
Cheers for the great page......requests ...OK ...hers's one but its a biggie.....The very rarely heard monologue Caroline used to put out for L.A. ... D.A. Probably to huge to put on here but worth a try....

Christian Clarke
Love your web page When I listened to the old Radio Caroline jingles it brought back great memories. Any Radio London jingles? Best Wishes Christian / Peter Clarke

Thimon Schellevis
Hi There, I was told about your webpage by Jos Bergenhenegouwen. Who happens to be my collegue at RTL4. I worked at RTL radio with a lot of guys who worked on the MV, like Marc jacobs, Johan Visser, Bart van Leeuwen, Bart van Gogh, Frank vd Mast, Ruud Hendriks and so on. It seems that everybody except me had 'salt-water'experience! Anyway RTL Rock Radio became Kink FM and I am at this moment a producer at RTL4&5 TV. No radio-work for me! In the mean time there is a new Dutch radio station called; ARROW CLASSIC ROCK. It is based in The Hague and owned by Willem van Kooten (ex Veronica,rni, nos, monique, cable one) and Ad Ossendrijver (ex Cable One) You can listen to Arrow LIVE on the net! the adress is: WWW.ARROW@EURONET.NL If you like to listen to: Beatles, Stones, Foreigner, Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, Supertramp, Free, Jethro Tull, ELO, Creedence and so on. Yes, we have been in L.A. (that's a good habbit!) Arrow plays also a lot of Dutch groups from the 60's and 70's like: Golden Earring, Focus, Alquin, Shocking Blue, Outsiders, Earth & Fire, Herman Brood and so on. Hereby my compliments for your pages and lovely stories and the extreme sound quallity. Your stuff really sounds very good! Greetings from Jos! And keep up the good work! PS: excuses for my english, writing is comparing to talking something else


Norman. yes I remember you on Caroline and you,ve lost your hair the same as myself Iam new to the net and very interested to see your pages. thankyou. lots of roumers going round at present about a return to tha air by Caroline, hope its going to happen as I miss Caroline and all it stood for. Do you know if anybody is organising an event to celebrate MOA 67 30 years. Hi Norm just taking a look at your web page we normally chat on Mikes Chaos BBS I see you were on Radio Caroline, well, I used to work with an electronic engineer called Phil who reckoned that he was on it when it started. Small world

John Adamson
Hi there - my name is John Adamson. I listened avidly, and almost continuously, to offshore radio in the early 70s, using some old valve radios and a variety of aerials planted in my parents' back garden in Dunfermline, Fife. I got hooked when I heard of RNIs troubled beginning, but then spent more time listening to Veronica on 192 (reception in Central Scotland was pretty-well non-existant during the day, but brilliant at night) where I discovered Tineke's nightly Rock Show. Then in '72 I tuned to Caroline on its return, and listened to some of the best radio I've ever heard during the following three or four years. In this time my radio in the bedroom was NEVER switched off - just in case I might miss something exciting or dramatic! This one was tuned to 1187 whilst another was used to scan alternative "off-shore" frequencies. I particularly loved the freaky album track era with Mike Haggler's impromptu guitar playing sessions, and the extracts from Stonehenge, "Mike the Poet", Michael Benjamin, not to mention yourself along with Brian Anderson, Tony Allen, Johnny Jason and Andy Archer! As you probably know, Andy is working on Radio Norfolk, my local BBC station, co-presenting the 9-12 Show - sounding so conventional you'd hardly believe he had a colourful swash-buckling past. How about you? Are the Airwaves of Aberdeen ever graced by your dulcit tones? I do hope so - best wishes from this incurable anorak - and thanks for a super web-site ....

Ed Bear
just "surfin'" and discovered your site... thought you might like to check mine out, I am a computer "newbie" with only 6 months total computer time under my belt, but ... take a look and let me know what you think. thanks Ed Bear

Robert Boyd
Hi Norman, I haven't written to you before,but now feel strongly compelled to do so.The reason for this is entirely due to your EXCELLENT web-site with the various pieces of offshore and jingle nostalgia.I'm 46 years old and remember the pirates very well.I have many rare recordings at home from various of the 60's stations,in reel and cassette form.Recently,I've opened a Demon internet account and hope to create my own web-page some time with various pieces of information and links to to the pirates,and will of course include you in this link-page.I have to say to you Norman,VERY WELL DONE INDEED for the work you have put in creating your own web-site.If your site had been available way back prior to the marine offences bill in 1967,then perhaps it all could have been a whole lot different.By the way,I remember you clearly from CAROLINE,as if it was yesterday,and you were one of the very best from all-time(as you still are). You mentioned in your web-site that you may be able to put up some jingle "requests" so I will take the liberty of asking you for the possibility to hear these favourites of mine:- BRITAIN RADIO---"Step-up. step-up, to a new level of musical velvet, smooth sounds of the smart-set...hallmark of quality Britain Radio...." CAROLINE---"Going back in time in the sounds of the nation its the Caroline flashback" RADIO ENGLAND---"Swinging Radio England...where the action is......." RNI..."This is Radio Noordzee......International" Some suggestions:- Caroline by the Fortunes Man of Action RNI theme Johnny Walker...Mans fight for freedom. I also enjoyed the Luxy jingles you put up. There was one from 1968 that I remember......."Come join the OIS, join the OIS, the only independent station on the air. Colourful Radio Luxembourg" I'd love to hear these on your web-site Norman, so I'll keep my fingers crossed. Once again, congratulations on a successful and very well put together piece of work with your internet site. I have it saved as a bookmark, and look forward to the "what's new" additions. Keep up the good work. Robert Boyd Ayr, Scotland.......
[Norman's Note:- the Britain Radio one is now online!] Click here:-Britain Radio - Step Up

Glenn Willems
As a kid I always listened to the offshore pirates, dreaming of what it would be like to be aboard one of those ships. Now I am an RF engineer myself, and one of the first sites I encounter on the web is dedicated to.....Caroline! Small world, isn't it? Anyway, nice to know there are still people around who are interested in 'real' radio. Keep up the good work!

John Donabie
Dear Norman.. Would love to hear some 1050 CHUM Jingles. I wish I had some to trade. Great Site!!!!

A.J. Beirens
It's e-NORM-ous, Norm. Many congratulations on your absolutely grade-A (and 7+'s) website; probably the coolest place for a 70's person to surf to. Reading through the entries in your visitors' book it was very gratifying to notice that the offshore stations and the jocks have not been forgotten. Websites like yours, also contribute to carve out the Watery Wireless Era's rightful place in media history. To this day I'm still grateful that in a very small way I have been able to be part of what is probably the most exiting period in European radio history. Through "North Sea Goes DX" and the "History of Offshore Radio" on RNI, I for one have met many people, made many friends and experienced among the best moments of a lifetime with the offshore-colleagues from a multitude of stations (from RNI and Caroline to Atlantis and the VOP). So, it's high time we all meet up again, Norman (and any Watery Wireless Jock who reads this). On August 31st 1999 (!!) it will be exactly 25 years (a quarter century, a generation) since the close down of RNI, Veronica & Atlantis off the Dutch coast. German and Dutch offshore enthusiasts regularly organise the so-called "Zeezenderdagen". Hence, it would probably be a good idea to start your Missing DJ's Page, so that in 1999 we can get as many of the..er..'old'jocks together somewhere in Western Europe. Not just the 70's jocks, but anyone, including Mercur, Radio Nord, Syd, Big L etc.. even the new Israeli stations. It would be monumental. There must be someone out there willing to organise such a venue. Your unique Webside Vantage Point, Norman, and some of the other offshore sites, could be instrumental in turning a 1999 Offshore Reunion into a success. Any of the ex-colleagues reading these few lines: love to hear from you. AJ

John Sketchley
Hi Norman I know we have never met but I feel I know u thru Radio Caroline. I do remember listening to u on the Mi Amigo and of course they were great days. This is the first time that I have visited your web site and I do find it most interesting it keeps the good times in all our minds. I personally am hoping that these days will return and we do get back to offshore radio again. In many ways the ships of the 60/70s helped me to make my career as I finished up as a Marconi time served engineer for my sins. Quite recently I have through business come across a guy who was Earl Richmond on big L in the 60s, small world. Keep up the good work and lets hope we all do get another crack at it heavens what we have is all doom and gloom. All good wishes John.

Herbert Visser (Herbie the Fish)
Hi Norman, I must give you a compliment with your nice website. I was a big Caroline freak in the 1970's, and worked on board the Ross Revenge myself in 1986/1987. These days I work for Radio Noordzee in the Netherlands, THE legal follow up from the former offshore station Radio Noordzee Internationaal (same owner, even the same building from where the landbased programmes were recorded before they went out to the MEBO). And we're doing a better job these days, because Radio Noordzee from the MEBO never got a market share in Holland than 5 percent. Now, we're having 9.5 percent marketshare.... And Marc Jacobs is our morning jock... maybe you know him as well... Take care, Herbert Visser (Herbie the Fish)

David Hebditch
Dear Norman Barrington: I am an investigative journalist working with a colleague called Nick Anning who is based in London. As one of a number of projects, we are looking into certain allegations concerning Radio Nordzee International and a possible "hidden agenda" in the company's operations. We are well aware that this story has been looked at before, but we see it as a long term project and have deployed associates to help. The matter is now being investigated in the UK, Holland, Germany, Switzerland and Russia. I know you didn't do time with RNI, but I wonder if you might be able to help us anyway? We are seeking to make contact with anyone who worked for RNI (either on board Mebo II or in a supporting rôle) or has any special information, documents, photographs or recordings. We are also keen to discover the whereabouts of any of the following people: Eva Pfister, Captain Onnes, Urs Emmenegger, Larry Tremaine, Kurt Baer, Captain Hardefeld, Vic Pelli, Hans & Leo (Swiss newsreaders) and "Alpina Hans". We'd also like to locate the following jocks (some we have contacted already). ENGLISH: Dan Allen, Tony Allen, Ian Anderson, Andy Archer, Jane Ballentyne, Robin Banks, Steve Berry, Bill Chrisp, Trevor Campbell, Ray Cooper, Terry Davis, Roger Day, John Denny, Rob Eden, Graham Gill, Dave Gregory, Duncan Johnson, Martin Kayne, Roger Kent, Steve King, Roger Kirk, Stephen Ladd, Arnold Layne, Michael Lindsey, Bob Mackay, Brian Mackenzie, Paul May, Stevi Merike, Carl Mitchell, Ed Moreno, Spangles Muldoon, Bob Noakes, Louise Quirk, Dave Rogers, Mike Ross, Sheila Ross, Crispian St John, Johnny Scott, Mark Slate, Mark Stuart, Larry Tremaine, Mark Wesley, Alan West and Jason Wolfe. GERMAN OR SWISS: Axel, Elkie, Hannibal and Horst Reiner. DUTCH: Jack Aalten, Willem Aarsens, Willi Alberti, Willeke Alberti, Joop van Amstel, Mark van Amstel, Kees Baas, Tony Beck, Jan Boezeroen, Ted Bouwens, Herk de Bruin, Herman de Bruin, Andre van Duin, Peter van Dijk, Joost de Draaier, Leo van der Goot, Dick der Graaf, Hans ter Hogge, Peter Holland, Peter Jager, Pierre Kartner, Albert Keyser, Jos Keyser, Wim Jaap van der Laan, Leo der Later, Alfred Legarde, Ferry Maat, Hans Molenaar, Eric Post, Henk van Reyendam, Piet Römer, Gerad Smit, Henry Spijker, Nico Steenbergen, Jan van Veen, Joust Verhoeven, Dik Voormekaar, Gerrit de Wynter and A. J. Bierens a Belgian World Service announcer. Any help you (and anyone passing through your web-page) can give us would be very much appreciated. We can be e-mailed at: dlheb@globalnet.co.uk Many thanks, David Hebditch

Bill Smith
Norman -- Thanks for a great site. While I wasn't in Europe in the '60's, I remember a BBC Radio(4?) program in March or April 1974 about the Pirate Radio Stations and remember the jingle for Radio Caroline: Have yourself a time...tune into Caroline. If you have this or have access to it, I'd love to see it on your jingle page and hear it again. Thanks Bill Smith Rochester, New York, USA

Max van Weezel
Dear Norman. I just discovered your web site. Great to find it! I live in Amsterdam and used to listen to Radio Caroline in the seventies, so I remember your programs very well. I think I even met you once when you were playing records at a record shop next to Dam Square in Amsterdam (could that be true?). I'll sure visit your web site again. Lots of success! Max van Weezel Amsterdam

RF Burnes
RF Burnes@aol.com
Hi Norman, when are you going to add to that boring old collection of pictures on your web site. Apart from a few shots of the Communicator taken last year on your vacation it does'nt seem to have changed in twelve months. Whenever I tried to view a picture of your neighbour the Mebo all I got was a message saying "sorry cannot find URL". Did you leave the Mi Amigo before its return to the Essex coast?. Finally the most memorable thing about Caroline in the 72-74 period for me was that the station was off the air more than it was on. Regards from Raymond Foster-Burnes
[Norman's note:- Just to prove we include negative mail too!]

K Baird
cluser21@south-ayrshire.gov.uk () Norman, I am the pirate editor at DSWCI, the Danish SW Clubs International, as well as a regular contributor to many of the DX publications. I have other interests of course in the more naughty things of radio, and if you want a look at an interesting web site, try <http://www-pp.hogia.net/jonny/wmr/ I am in the middle of writing a major article on pirate radio which I should think will interest you, which will take up maybe a couple of meg. Would you sell, loan, turn a blind eye to the presence etc, of such a file. The start is a lengthy article of a tour around the Irish pirates I and 3 others made in 1981. We discovered a few stations, met some characters, and had a ball. There are loads of photos to prove it! I would appreciate my name or at least this letter not being stuck on your visitors book, but I must write something good for you. I see a page by a Dutch guy on line with loads of links, inc one to tom hardy home page which is very poor. Re your own home page, it has improved in leaps and bounds, and it would be nice if you could scan more of the same, although there are some obviously from the books and lps. You were one of the first voices i heard on the Mi amigo, and i still have a couple of prized tapes made as a young lad in 1973 or 4, some RNI, some Seagull, some Mi Amigo. I never heard Atlantis. It was a wonderful time, although I read about the wonderful times on board. Did you ever think of if not writing a book, instead your memoirs for the web. This is what I have decided to do, rather than try and flog a book, just make it free for all to read, world over. I have an interest in some recordings of the likes of Seagull, and Caroline from the early 70s you may have?? Any lists?? OK, Better fly, do you ever fancy any visitors from the South of Scotland?? see ya

Dyo Lankester
Hello Norman, My name is Dyo Lankester and I live in Perth Western Australia. With much pleasure have I read all your information about Pirate stations and of course listen to your jingles. I am a jingle collector to, but more from 1958 to 1974 and being born in Holland I am still a Radio Veronica fan. Yes I remember you from your Radio Caroline years. If you interested I will go thru my old pictures and books and tapes to see if I have any pictures or jingles of Radio Caroline. I let you know. My favourite jingles are the one's with the vocoder voices(do you know what equipment they are using?) Just by typing in "jingles" in the Internet search I found out that I am not the only (strange)person who is collecting jingles. With kind regards Dyo Lankester

Tony Taylor
Hello Norman Finding your site on the Internet took me back almost exactly 33 years to when I lived in Essex and suddenly found on Easter Sunday morning a new and exciting radio station '199 Caroline' and the voice of Simon Dee. It is hard to explain to young people today what this meant, at last music all day without being patronised by the BBC or having to listen to the fading signal of Radio Luxembourg. I can remember Caroline and the feeling of loss when the boat sailed north with all my favourite disc jockeys. I listened to the broadcasts as the ship went round the coast and the signal became fainter and fainter. At night on a good day I could still faintly receive the signal from the Isle of Man. I listened to Caroline south through all the years of shipwreck, fire and finally closedown. I was listening the night the Mi Amigo sank and heard her distress call on the marine shortwave band and recorded the last words spoken from the ship before they boarded the lifeboat. For sometime after her mast could still be seen sticking out of the waves of the North Sea. I have a tape, lasting about one and a half hours of an audio tour of the old Caroline south ship recorded off air just weeks before she sank. The disc jockeys describe every part of the ship and play music of the period when the station was an all album music station. If you would like a copy of this and other bits and pieces of off air let me know. I have in all about 4 hours of off-air and studio material, including jingles, from Caroline, the tour lasts about 1 hour 30 mins. The recordings vary in quality from poor to Hi Fi. Some of it is short wave. Am happy to copy the lot for you if you send me tapes. This material includes such music as: We love the pirate stations, Caroline Goodbye, I believe in Caroline, Day the music died (Caroline version), Peace by Peter, Caroline theme and others. Also I have the last moments before the Mi Amigo sank recorded off air and many other bits. Like you I wish I had recorded more!! I also have six LP's: The RNI Story(2), Radio Caroline Official Story(2), 10 Years of Off Shore Radio(2) and The History of Off shore Radio(1) which you may also like to have but I expect you have got all these. If you have time to reply to this I would be pleased to hear from you. Please add me to your visitors book as I would like to hear from anyone who remembers the days long gone when radio was exciting. Tony Taylor