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Selected Radio Caroline Related Guestbook Entries from 1995-1996
Howard Rose
My goodness! How are you - how long has it been?! No, don't answer that.... I didn't get your previous letter, but I shall take a look at your page and see what you are up to. Must catch up when I have a moment of peace and quiet. All the best, Howard

Andy Rayment
Hope to hear some good offshore stations in the near future - here in Shropshire I remember picking up the Caroline signal near to Scottish Border in early evening around 1984:-[]Radio Caroline listner supporter since mid 60s and other offshore stations that have come and gone over the years. Lived in Shropshire for past 12 years - previously Hampshire Middx. Listened to R Jackie in very early days.

Martin Deeley
How are you doing, long time no hear (on the air), I only dabble in radio but did several months on Radio Fax etc..., any info on the rumoured new offshore station or is it just Conjecture Rumour And Poppycock ?

Rick Lipinskas
Norm- Have you visited: www.reelradio.com It's amazing! Rick

Brian Johnson
Dear Norman, Great to see your page developing so well! Just a couple of things - Andy Archer is doing some relief work at BBC Radio Norfolk and Doris... sorry Tony Allen is living in London - and was even heard (by 'phone) during the Heart FM test transmissions. I've been scheming to put together a Caroline 'where are they now?' page under the name 'Missing In Action' for some time now - but as I'm soon re-locating from here in Stockholm back to Dublin that will have to wait a month or two. Will let you know as oon as it is ready. Now - I've been trying to 'virtually' find one of your visitors (Bob Lawrence/'Buzby') for some time - would you be so kind to pass on his e-mail address to me - or pass on mine to him - whatever. Kind regards - keep up the good work! Tom Hardy http://www.dataphone.se/~bj

Chris Harper
Hi Norm just taking a look at your web page we normally chat on Mikes Chaos BBS I see you were on Radio Caroline, well, I used to work with an electronic engineer called Phil who reckoned that he was on it when it started. Small world

Piet Sonneveld-Boonstoppel
Hi, my name is Piet Sonneveld. I used to listen to your shows in 1973 and 1974. That time I lived near Scheveningen and reception was very good. I hope to hear more offshore jingles on your homepage. Best regards.

Henry G Marks
I very much enjoyed visiting your jingles page. I have a friend who is interested in a particular custom package done by Heller for WBZ in 1967. He said he has the package, but recently heard an aircheck of Dick Summer from December 1967 on which there is a custom Dick Summer jock jingle which isn't part of the 1967 package that he has. I noticed that you have a WBZ Heller custom package on your list. Would it by any chance have such a cut and/or any other jock cuts? Jay Marks
P.S. I also have quite an extensive jingle collection and would be interested in possibly trading some things with you at some time in the future.

Gabriel Conway
My name is Steve Conway, and I am a Caroline DJ from towards the end of the Lady's career - 1987-91. I worked mainly as a newsreader/DJ on the Ross Revenge from 87 to 89, then left for a while, returning to crew the ship (by then off the air) in late '91, just before she ran aground. These days I run Line 1 Radio News, which updates weekly by phone & web. You can find us at: http://www.line1.co.uk A very brief overview of my time with Caroline, and the circumstances that brought about her demise is at: http://www.line1.co.uk/caroline.html and a full account of the ship's last ever day at sea, including the storm, the drifting, the grounding and the rescue are at: http://www.line1.co.uk/candle.html It's great looking at your page - it's nice to see that some people from the good old days are still around, and your photos are excellent. Regards Steve Conway.

Gustav Kieseritzky
Dear Norman! I listended with much pleasure in the 70s to your px on caroline,nice to find this homepage. thanks, gustav

Hi Norman, In the early 70 's (i am born in 1963) I listend a lot of Radio Caroline and also Radio Mi Amigo. We always went on summer holidays to Playa d'Aroin Spain. There were some recording studios for radio Mi Amigo in the first villa on the way up to Masnou the propperty of Fons Tops (friend of my parents). I visited the studios a few times. Did they made any programmes for the MV Mi Amigo or am I confusing things? I was to young to remember. Do you have some of the jingles from Mi Amigo ? I have a few on an old cassestte from the Peter vandam show live at the Pasha. The tape was givento me from somebody at Mi Amigo, can't remember who. Did you ever visited the studios in Playa ? There my interest started for jingles. Now through the internet I see thatI am not the only person into jingles, so I think I have found a new hobby. Collecting more and more jingles....If you have some jingles from Caroline and Mi Amigo could I get a copy on MD or so, if needed I would pay you any costs (if not too high). But it was nice to find that people who worked on those Radio stations arestill going strong. You can mail me at work cfmu.fdo.strat.suppervisor@eurocontrol.beto the attention of Bobhope to hear from you and maybe I can mail you back one day Thanks and Best regards Bob

Martin vd Ven
two interesting web pages for Offshore Radio fans: ex-offshore Radio Hauraki from Auckland/Newzealand can be found at http://www.gen.com/mfmarketing/rinz/hauraki/ There are few remarks concerning the offshore period and an audio track about the breakfast show "the morning pirates". There`s a new anorak page from England at http://dspace.dial.pipex.com/town/terrace/ql83/index.htm Met groetjes, Martin vanderVen@t-online.de

Hi Norman, We are currently putting a project together to take a Fm transmitter to the Himalayers. Yers around Manali in India. The main theme of the station is to experiment with Manali in India the destination. The theme an experiment to take music to new heights matching sound with environment.We will be playing pretty much allsorts revolving mainly around Ambient Laid back Music. We will be setting up a Chill out Cafe up there initially where we will DJ live with turntables. Lots of ideas so far. We are about to do test trials around the hills of Sheffield in the U.K.Im currently collecting any info on equipment production techniques Jingles etc Unfortunately i never got to listen to Radio Caroline a little before my time but can certainly would like to say i am more than inspired by your underground achievements. Music ontop of the World keep Smiling Jonny.. So far we keep coming up with the odd name like Radio Reality, D.I.Y. Fm ,T.A.Z. Fm (Temporary Autonomous Zone)But it is definately a hard one to decide, so any groovy suggestions would be a help. Basically we are trying to put across a station which plays underground music all genres, various lectures by certain off the wall characters, with a view to a travelling on the move radio.So possibly a name to revolving round those points. As mentioned we are at the stage of setting up the first transmission on New Years eve from a local free party by DIY whoare groovy mates of mine & probably one of the most successful underground sound systems in the U.k.They are more than keen to get involved on the music front for the radio.We shall be transmitting the Party live, so all those trying to find the secret location have got a snippet of the party before they get there, just to sort of establish a vibe.I think the it looks like we are going to start our trials or learning period will be 1 show every two weeks on a Sunday which will run about 12 hrs ,a club style wind down called "served chilled" About 4 Djs will be playing out of the back of a van stationed on a number of choosen hills outside sheffield. I have certainly got a growing number of ideas to try to turn into reality so this will be excellent to start off on.I have been involved in quite a few off the wall ideas over the years but i shall restrain myself from going into detail unless you request more details. Jingles is one thing i'm keen to collect and to produce so any ideas more than welcome. Basically any experienced help we can get will be more than handy.At this stage i've not really contacted anyone else regarding this project yet,for the reason that we would like to get a bit more organised and be actually on air before i start to mention it more.Well i'm sure your years at Caroline were excellent fun & you have many a mad story to tell ,infact i have just finished reading "RADIOTEXT" by Neil Straus excellent book, Certainly gives a good write up about caroline in there. I'm not too sure how long i will remain at this email no. as this is one i've borrowed from the university for a short while but will certainly keep in touch.I suppose i had better get surfing for more info on Radio,i think after about 20hrs I've seem to have got most interesting articles already. Keep Smiling, Jonny....

Sheridon Street
Hello, My name is Sheridon Street (known in those days as Keith) I am calling you as requested for memories. Well, I was one of the radio engineers on board the North and then the South ship, the latter for two years. I cannot recall you at this moment although I left in August / Sept 1976 when the the ship was outlawed. This is just a quick note to say hello, and would like to correspond if you are interested, I have lots of photos but have not looked at them for years. One thing that stands out in your photo is that it is not the main recording studio but the news and jingle room, the main on air studio is in the next room seen through the window in front of you. I fixed the sound mixer, reverb unit and Edisson radio to your right; used to receive the news each morning. The main studio used a new sound console and had a walkway around so that one could exit down below, the Transmitter room, my department. Nice days, nice memories, thanks. Sheridon.

Martin vd Ven
Hi to you all, I´d just like to inform you about my new homepage "Offshore Radio Links". It contains 51 links to offshore radio related items plus two beautiful photos of the MV Communicator. You could easily "bookmark" this page because it guides you while searching for offshore radio news, pictures and memorabilia on the web. The URL is: http://home.t-online.de/home/0593112667-0001/ If you know some more interesting pages concerning our common hobby, please drop me line. Martin Tel. ++49-5931-16001 Fax ++49-5931-89632

Ron Terry
Used to listen to Caroline- Nordsea International etc. Always been interested in radio related things including now satellite TVand weather reception. I used to be a DJ working freelance but spent a lot of time working for Mecca remember them? - not many clubs in our area now Aany idea what happened to Mecca?

Mike Sedgwick (Soggywick)
well Norman its very interesting to read some of the entries into your guest book. You really are quite a famous person its funny to think of all these people who listened to your station all those years ago and now have got into contact with you.

Sheridon Street keith radio engineer aboard Caroline 1963 - 1964 would like to contact any other members of the team of this era

http://www.eb101.com - Interests:-Appear to be just about the same as yours - CKLW Site - Nice Site

Lennart CHRICHAN Christiansson
- During the 60 s a was a DJ on the Swedish pirate station Radio Syd. Nowdays I live in Australia [Norman's Note:- Nice to have a real ORIGINAL say hello!]

Fleur Nooteboom
- 40 years of age and still keeping the dream alive at least trying to. started to listen to free radio in the sixties veronica later caroline . indeed till the very end in 1991. don t like the silence on air as well as in the news. - How are you doing Mr. Barrington [Norman's Note:- I'm very well thank you Ms Nooteboom! :-)] Listening to the Anorak radio International thing about RNI I heard one of my favourite jingles passing by. It's the leader or should I say starter of the Alan West programma: for the next two hours I'm going to rhino over your lino, so roll back your carpets please. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, dames en heren, jongesn and meisjes: RNI is forced to bring you the Alan West programme.... As far as I know this one has never been released on a jingle package album or CD. Do you happen to have it as a .WAV file or do you know someone (or URL wise: somewhere) who could be willing to put it on the net ? (More personally: fix it to an e-mail as attachment...) Hope to hear from you soon. Thanking for taking the trouble and so on, best wishes for the season (the rumour is being spread that this is actually the summer of 1996 !) etc,

- Used to listen to Radio Caroline in the Early to mid 70 s great station didn't it used to be Dutch till 7.30 then switch to The English Language at that time and one of the constant advertisers used to be a pimple ad or Hair shampoo can't remember it's been so long [Norman's Note:- The one that haunts me is "Joepie" (Pronounced Yoopie) Magazine ughhh! :-(]

Bart van Gogh
bartman@xs4all.nl - Hi I ve been on that same ship for a couple of weeks in 1977. These days I m a composer producer of station ID s. Since 1983 I work for Top Format Productions in the Netherlands. That s one of the reason I never have time to listen to all the old tapes that I recorded when I was just a collector ... But I still have a lot of them.&linksite - jingle.wise.nl - You must have A HELL LOT OF TIME making up so many web-pages. But it s nice that somebody does it Saving the good memories on a harddisk

Miles Robert James Wilson
mrjw@dmu.ac.uk - You have already listed me on your page Please add in my e- mail address for contacts. Hey great I've had two by telephone already Norm - I just came into the office this morning 6.30 listening to test transmissions from Radio Caroline. No silly on tape of course - Great page - [Norman's Note:-Wow with a name like that acappellas would cost you a fortune!]

Andrea Borgnino
a.borgnino@agora.stm.it - Hello Norman, i'm an italian free radio fan, in this days i'm writing a book about the fantastic world of pirate radio and i'm searching infos about the first years of pirate broadcasting. I'm asking you if is possible to have an e-mail interview about the experience to live and trasmitt on a off-shore station. The book will be the first italian book about free radio and naturally when it is finished i will send to you a copy. Many thanks in advance, compliment for your web page !!

diane.krips@ci.educ.lu -Hello, I am Jean Krips from Luxembourg, born 1950 and a former fan of offshore broadcasting. I was listning to Radio Caroline that night all the other stations closed down. Today, I am working (as a volunteer) for a regional Radio Station in Luxembourg, all done by volunteers. This station is called Radio ARA see http://www.ip.lu/~ara yours sincerely - Jean KRIPS

davekh@cix.compulink.co.uk - I used to listen to Caroline, Mi Amigo, Seagull, Veronica Atlantis, Nice to see you on here, I listened from about 1972 onward. maybe some personal writings- memories - dunno though you might be saving that for a book Perhaps a-where-are-they-now type info section. like where is Andy Archer, Samantha Dubois, Brian Anderson etc.. will call again - Dave in Shropshire [Norman's Note:-I like that where are they now Idea! I might try to give it a page here, Meanwhile some good news and some sad news. The good news is:- I don't know where Andy is these days, also Brian Anderson is alive and well and living half is Scotland (about 40 miles from me) and half in China where he Broadcasts! More info on that soon, Brian is getting his own web page and I'll put in a link here. Now the sad news Samantha Dubois (real name Ellen Kraal) Died in New Zealand and few years back of a drink/drugs overdose. I knew her well, but sadly if someone is into these things it can happen.]

Dear Norman,
I am new to this internet thing, so please excuse any cock-ups. I've been involved in pirate radio since the early 1970's ............mostly out of annoyance that the 'powers that be' could take away all (well, nearly all) the stations in 1967, and return us to the BBC monopoly. I think they call it democracy? Since 1972 I've worked on numerous land-based pirates, and in recent times I have been presenting some late night rock programmes on RSL radio. I clearly remember your programmes from the Mi Amigo, and I thought that the output of Radio Seagull was at times some of the best radio ever....... it's a pity it never happened again.
Have you been on-air much since your days with the Caroline family? It certainly would be nice for something like Seagull to happen again, but highly unlikely in these days of bland, insipid, multi-ownership, profit driven radio. There's so much good music out there going unplayed these days. Bye for now, Best Wishes,
Bob Gardner.

David Salmon
Reply-to: david@branul.demon.co.uk
Hello Norman ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Just wanted to congratulate you on the web-site. Liked the pictures I downloaded. I've got quite a few photos that I could scan if you are interested. Also a number of books which I could scan pictures from. It's nice to know that people such as yourself have not forgotten where it all began. I was a regular listener to Caroline in its' various forms right from the very early days. Reception where I live (Hull, East Yorkshire) was never all that good, but I remember with great affection those days and nights listening to the broadcasts from the MiAmigo.
I used to enjoy your programs on Seagull and also those of Andy Archer, although I don't know what Andy's doing these days. Last I heard he was at Radio Orwell (?) But that's a long time ago...
I wish I had been a part of that era, I suppose I was, as a listener but I'd love to have been involved. Hope to hear from you sometime.
-- Kind Regards - David

Fleur Nooteboom
Hi Norman,
Just filled out your guestbook form and peeked in it. Very intresting guestbook indeed.... Yes I know your name and voice and -if my memory serves me well- especially your "succesful" singing career. Somewhere in my stacks of tapes of airchecks I made while learning my final exams there is this famous duet about a wellknown Irishman. Loved your jingles. Living near Eindhoven that time reception wasn't that overwhelming. So cracks, fading, and all the other romantic noises on my tapes. Enjoyed your homepage very much and hope to visit again in near future. Hope to hear from you and the rest of the crews in the very near future ! From a point at sea through a circle to your mind....it still is a graet idea ! It is a good dream to keep alive, and even loving awareness sounds
great.....Bye for now, F. Nooteboom

Miles R Wilson
Ex pirate radio jock some Radio Caroline and Radio Mi Amigo Roadshows BBC local radio Keep me in touch with the guys. Long time no see from the days of 64/65. Would like to add that I also worked with Gerry Coard in Denmark and with Carl Kingston and many of the lads who helped formulate the Radio scene in the 1960s and 1970s. Would love to be in touch with those from the happy days of radio.I still have many of the records from that period as well as some of the classic Caroline and Mi Amigo promotions disks. I also have some of the Offshore Broadcasting books and material produced by Paul Harris.Who wants to buy a spotmaster with sea water in it I worked in Europe in some great clubs including Daddys Discotheque in Copenhagan Discotheque Downstairs in Herning and others too numerous to mention. Im now driving a computer in the Alumni Association Office in De Montfort Univeristy.- Can you please update my listing Norm. Thanks.

- age 43 been in radio since highschool 1970 currently c.e. of kned-am stereo kmco-fm mcalester oklahoma.hate robot-type radio i work on air at one of the dwindling number of stations where a jock actually can still mix and match his music.miss the late 60's early 70's radio forms. what i've sampled of your site so far is great.never had the pleasure of hearing the legends in realtime thanks for the history.

Lorriane Buckingham
- Hi. I am going through the computer and net. My family is from Peterhead. Greatgrandparents last names Burnie and Rennie. I am plannning to come to Peterhead by March 10 of 97 I am slowing getting to know somew of the older people from my extended family. If it is possable I would love to know about the little things of Peterhead. such as where to go if you are in your 30 s and so on. Good resturants pubs night clubs and so on I will be either in Peterhead on my own or with an English chap...close friend. I would love to hear from you. I do think that Peterhead can be close to the North pole but as a Canadain we have you bet There is alot I want to ask but. Most of all how is the weather in March besides snow or rain If it is possable I will be able to tell you anything you want to know about Kingston Ontario It is 3 hours east of Toronto Ontario Canada Thank you for your help. It made me smile. Yours Truly Lorraine Buckingham

Roberth Walve
- Work as a journalist in Oskarshamn Sweden. Been into listening commercial radio since med mid 1970's. Mainly Radio Luxembourg both on mediumwave and satellite. I love commercial radio from England. And jingles in general.. - Jingleheaven - Is there any chance to buy Muff Murfins Radio Luxembourg package on a demo-CD And Norman i really like your pages and i return to them every now and then. Keep up the good work Regards Roberth

Marty Lawrence
- Used to live in Portsmouth England moved to Melbourne Australia 1989. - Search through WebCrawler - Used to listen to Caroline Miamigo all the time from 76 onwards. Shame it was Virgin that got the commercial licence in the uk and not the Caroline organisation. Great site I am looking forward to listening to the id jingles.- martyl@netspace.net.au

Iv'e been here before [Norman's Note:- Wow! is that some kind of philosophical statement?] - Recent rumours circulating at the moment suggest that there are TWO radio ships heading for the UK apparently one plans to be on air by the end of the year. if anyone has any further info then PLEASE email me [Norman's Note:- Anyone any info?] Keep up the great homepage Norm Rgds DAVE davehills@interalpha.co.uk

From: moongrrl@hotmail.com (Courtney) - 13 female near seattle. at first i thought you were norman b a rather deejay on my radio station kndd. anyways. cool pages

Tony Horsman
From: 100577.3475@compuserve.com :- Live in St Osyth Essex can see the Knock Deep on a clear day. Viewed the Mi Amigo Ross Revenge Communicator all from Clacton seafront during the last 20 years.. :-[] http details in the latest offshore echos - Still hoping for off-shore radio to return to the North Sea

John M. Butt
From: 100711.603@compuserve.com Hi, Norman, I am ancient (42) [Norman's Note:- and what, pray, does that make me!?] and therefore remember the good days. Currently I am religious co-ordinator (unpaid) for Pirate FM here in Cornwall which gives me unlimited access to the studios! I would be interested in your jingle list at some time. I have just transferred my 20 year old tapes to cassette. [Norman's Note:- can you not see them on my listings page?] Best wishes

Herman Fris
As i have into the pirate business myself, i would like to write a lettertje to you. I' ve been with Radio Nova and radio Kontakt in Amsterdam, both stations owned by Herman de Graaf, wich you maybe know. Ever since that time i have a stange hobby: collecting jingles and commercials. It is nice to meet someone who has the same tick of the mill. (klap van de molen) that's dutch of course but i'm sure you'll understand. Please contact, mail adress: [address supplied] -Looking forward to your response groetjes bye, bye . [Norman's Note:- could you give me an e-mail address?]

Errol Bruce-Knapp
Hello Norm...
I was an orginal - on-air as Errol Bruce. Simon Dee and I bunked together on the Mi Amigo. Tony Blackburn, Keith Skues and Bryan Vaughan were on the same shift. Doug Kerr and Peter James were also around at the time. I was flown out to the ship when Bryan (Dermot Hoy) got appendecitis and was the only one who knew how to drive the little Gates Board. Terry, an Australian operator, was on his week off and nobody new where he was. I happened to be in Alan Crawfords office at 6 Chesterfield Gardens, looking for a job when the phone rang with the news from the Harwich Shipping Office (the actual name I also forget, but Bill Scadden was the agent) that Bryan had been taken off by the Frinton lifeboat. Crawford said "just a mo" into the phone, covered the mouth-piece and asked me: "Can yew droive a Gates Board?" (He was from OZ and had orginally come up with the idea for a British Off-shore Station - but that's another story you may or may not know). I, being young and brash and desperately wanting a job, nodded my head vigorously. He told the person on the other end of the phone that he had someone and a hours later I was aboard. Spent two years there and a year on the North with Tom Lodge, Jerry Leighton, Don Allen. If you have the official Radio Caroline book by John Venmore-Rowland, there's a picture opposite page 93 of the tender 'Offshore 1'. The four guys standing behind the hatchcover are: (L to R) Bryan Vaughan, Peter James, myself and Keith Skues. I just took a look at the 'stern shot' of the Amigo on your site - the original antenna mast was a solid, tapered pipe. I guess they replaced it after she put up on the beach on the night of January 9th, 1966. [Norman Barrington's note:- No! that was in 1972]
Good to find your page...
Errol Bruce-Knapp (ebk@nobelmed.com)

Henk van Dijk
Member of the free radio scene which is still alive in The Hague Netherlands

Geoff Rogers
I am an ex-land-based free radio station DJ having worked for among others the well-known South West London station Radio Jackie in the early 1980s. I am still involved in radio now but the stations I work on these days generally have a licence I edit the Anoraks Home Page [Norman Barrington's note:- His URL is http://www.tcp.co.uk/~anorak/ ] a page on the Web with radio news memorabilia photos and audio clips. I am keen to exchange same with other enthusiasts and will be offering some the items I have featured on the web in hard copy format eg tape or Mini Disc when I have overcome the logistics. Interests:- Radio Jingles Collecting Jingles Airchecks Chatting with other DJs Pictures.
I'm just looking at your site now, it's got a lot to appeal to my browsers (and me too!!!). I'll certainly put a link to your page in my list of interesting radio sites. Best wishes, and keep in touch.

Luc Aaldenberg
Hi, Greeting's from the Netherlands. From: Luc.Aaldenberg@net.HCC.nl (L.H.V. Aaldenberg) [Norman Barrington's note:Thanks for the Caroline picture!]

Mike Brand
Shalom from Israel, Today this is THE place to be for offshore radio Currently we have two offshore stations with a third on the way. Arutz 7 and Radio Gal wave Both Stations Broadcast off the coast of Tel-Aviv. The T third station is Arutz 2000. If anyone is interested I'll be glad to give more details of radio activity in and offshore Israel. Mike @easx.co.il

Tim Shepherd
Hi Norman great homepage - was on Caroline and the VoP in the late eighties and I'm still an anor... enthusiast Cheers, Tim 101524.2225@compuserve.com

S Taylor
Sure hope the Ross Revenge sails again.
Try contacting Alan Weiner USA - I hear he is interested in operating another wet radio station.
interests:- Radio Coll AirChex DJs Pirate Radio DXing Photos etc. Congratulations on being a part of radio history

Mike Lane
I was a loyal listener from the beginning to the end. Nearly joined Caroline in 1966 but in the end decided to get some qualifications. Good to see that you are keeping the memories alive.
interests:-3F Radio Music Jingles Collecting Jingles and Airchecks Pirate Radio DX Pictures

Tom Hardy - Brian Johnson
Another ex-Caroline person checking in from Sweden
Interests:- Radio Music DJ-chat Pirate Radio Pictures
Nice page, Regards, Tom Hardy

Dave Hills
Great web site-brought back many memories I'm an engineer from Wiltshire and a great offshore pirate radio fan and supporter. Unfortunately, I don't remember you on Caroline as I am too young!!! [Norman Barrington's note :ughh! >:-{ ]
I do, however remember Caroline from the Ross in the late eighties and more recently their various satellite broadcasts. I vistied the Ross a number of times, more recently when she docked in Dover a couple of years ago, it is great to see that the dry dock work is finally taking place!
Could I possibly make an appeal via your web page? I am currently investigating the idea of putting together some sort of radio project in the Southampton/Southern England area. Whether this will take the form of a one month RSL (Restricted Service Licence) or some other form (??)
I do not know. If there is anybody interested could they please contact me via e-mail.
Rgds, DAVE HILLS davehills@aladdin.co.uk

Math Loyson
From:djmath@cuci.nl; I'm a dj in the Netherlands and the program is called The Dance Department, you can listen 2 the lastest dance music and offcourse I mix them all 2gether, I like radio Music and Jingles maybe we can trade some so i can use them in my Show .

John Adamson
Was a big fan of Norman in the 70s when I lived in Central Scotland..... Good to find out you are still around and interested in the business Best Wsihes..... interests:- Jingles, I will just wait and watch meantime. adamson@nc.bbc.co.uk

Per Alarud
Hi! Thanks to the "Anorak Pages" I found your home page. [Norman's note : Geoff has been a great help to me, plus most of my visitors have come via his site!]
I do remember Caroline and your shows. I live in Sweden and a lot of listening to Caroline was done during my military service in 1974. Now I will listen to some jingles.
[Another note :Thanks for the photo Per! I think I see me in the middle (Look at Per's photo here MI AMIGO PHOTO '74!]

Steve Ashmore
Just an old free radio fan who spent many a happy hour listening to Caroline.The most exciting peiod for me was in the early 70s. I can still remember now those teenage nights in my bedroom with my small pink tranny and Radio Seagull blasting away. Those Seagull days followed by the return of Caroline for the next couple of years will as a listner always remain in my memory. Radio never to be repeated. Any attempt to try would be futile as time and technology have progressed and we are in a different age - I'd be very interested in what ex presenters on Caroline in the 70 and early 80s are doing now. [Norman's note : Steve England has his own succesful jingle company, Brian Anderson broadcasts to CHINA!, John Mair can be heard on Northsound 2, Johnny Jason can be heard on the world service, I occasionally do work for WAVES-AM Peterhead a RSL Station with aspirations.....anyone else know of more?]

Dave Cooper
- Followed Caroline since first day on air. Ah sweet memories
Member of the North Eastern Repair Group keeping the Ross Revenge afloat....
and there are still a few apparently emply MW frequencies clear of anything locally....who knows....keeping the dream alive as they say - interests Music Collecting Jingles/AC DJ chat Pirate Radio DX Pictures - basically any news of the Ross and Caroline - and pirate radio in general

Dr Martin v d Ven
I regularly heard your transmissions from 1972 till 1974 even with quite bad reception here in the western part of Germany. Both your and Brian Anderson´s shows were quite amazing as Ronan would say. By the way, you forgot to mention that you were a Radio Mi Amigo International-DJ, too. Your LP "Radio Caroline - The true story" is still a must in my quite large offshore radio collection. Every March, I get together with around 200 nostalgic anoraks in Haarlem in the Netherlands to watch some videos, listen to old recordings, buy some memory tapes and so on. This meeting called "Zeezenderdag" is organised by Hans Knot and Rob Olthoff who have their own Home Page with news from the "Stichting Media Communicatie" and the radio magazine "Freewave" via http:// www.digiface.nl/~smc/ Why not give them a mention via your "links". You can find some recent Caroline photos there and even a Radio London-image. This station is broadcasting from an old train wagon from Holland using the old offshore PAMS jingles.

Ray Robinson
Im a radio hobbyist British born and bred but now living in Los Angeles. Afirst became interested in radio through listening to R. London etc. When it was announced in the summer of that Caroline was going to stay around after the 4th of August I switched my loyalties to them I followed Caroline RNI Veronica Mi Amigo Atlantis etc. through the 70s and early 80s and moved here in . My favorite on-air personality without a doubt was Johnnie Walker sorry Norm and some of the most interesting shows I heard him do were on R. Luxembourg taped in the studios of KSAN during his stay in San Francisco Thanks for the jingles - they bring back many memories Ray Robinson Los Angeles California

Marc Wiers
Im a 22 years old beginning DJ at City FM in Groningen City The Netherlands. I was interested in jingles even before I was born. I love HOT- and Hitradio Top 40. Because I havent got an own E-mail address you can reach me by mail CITY FM P.O.BOX 1316 NL-9701 BH HOLLAND

Robert Dennison
robd@nando.net- I just visited your web site and was really impressed.As a little kid I lived up north (Bradford); R. 270 and R. Caroline North were my locals but could also hear (just) R. England, Britain R. and Caroline S. In the 70s, I was a big RNI fan and in the late 70s Mi Amigo and Caroline. Now living in Raleigh, North Carolina, USA.Anyway, maybe you can help in something I'm looking for, specifically: Copies of tapes of a show on RNI called "North Sea Goes DX", it aired monthly on Sunday mornings on RNI short wave and was presented by a Belgian (I think) guy called O.J. Hanas [Norman's note : Actually He's A J BEIRENS] . In particular his history of offshore radio, each month featuring history of a station eg Caroline, City, 270, etc - they were full of great audio clips. I'd also like to buy (if you can tell me where a poster (suitable for framing) of RNI. Is there a pirate radio mail order service!? If it's of any interest to you, I have a somewhat scratchy 45 of "Man of Action" by the Les Reed Orchestra - the RNI theme and could do a cassette copy.

Richard Southby
From: richard.southby@ukonline.co.uk-Great to find your pages and jingles. I certainly remember the early 70s with Mi Amigo, Caroline etc - great stuff! I do have some good memories of those times including R. Seagull! Any news on the Ross Revenge, still in Essex I suppose.

David Roantree
From: davidr@legend.co.uk -Yes I remember you well from the "gold old days" of radio. Days unfortunately now long gone and swallowed by "clone radio" of the ILR kind. - I remember that when the Mi Amigo re appeared, the signal had a whistle (I think that the transmitter crystal was partially bad), my parents were less than amused that the house seemed filled with a whistle and not a lot else. I lived down in Devon at that stage and reception was not always very good. The day Caroline came back was the day that RNI and Veronica were relegated to last and next to last place so far as radio listening was concerned. The music was I think different and the presentation also seemed different. Of course being Caroline one never really knew what to expect and anything that came from the Mi Amigo was listened to. It's funny how presenters that I have listened to (mainly Dutch) have appeared elsewhere such as Peter van Dam who I think was with Radio Mi Amigo, and Peter Holland from RNI who are both now starring on Radio 10 Gold. The Veronica presenters have all gone bar Ad Bowman. Radio Seagull gave me a real taste for good rock music, I remember having the radio ready just before eight waiting for Santana to start the proceedings off. And the reception never a problem oddly enough. Although I think that you had the odd tussle with the aerial mast on the ship. I could go on but I might be boring! Radio has been one overwhelming passion, although I've never done much apart from the moment when I'm presenting the breakfast show on a community station here in Bradford. The station cannot get a full licence so goes on the air for a month every so often. It's great fun!!--Best wishes--From the desk of David Roantree via The Legend Internet

Andreh van der Kolk
From: andreh@worldonline.nl--I am a testing engineer at the dutch consumer organization working international and member of local council. have been following offshore radio mainly Caroline from the start. Am in possession of the vinyl documentary made by you in the seventies-- [Norman's note : I sold quite a few, but never made any money on the deal!]

Chris Edwards
email 101322.2237@compuserve.com
Hi Norman Intrigued to find your page yes I do remember you from your offshore days. Have only been on the net for a few months but it's fascinating to find a page such as yours. I'm the editor of Offshore Echo's magazine which is now the worlds only magazine devoted to offshore radio. Current issue 104 looks at offshore radio in Israel - the final outpost of offshore radio photo's and nostalgia. If you mail me with your postal address I'll send you a sample copy. We also have a catlogue of CD's books tapes etc if anyone wants to email me will happily send them a free copy. Maybe we could do an interview with you at some stage, Best wishes Chris Edwards

Peter Messingfeld
- An Anorak since 1970 and starting to explore internet just a few days ago your page was one of the first I visited. I would like to see more home pages of other offshore DJ's. Your page was well worth visiting and led me to a few other interesting pages. I am sure to visit again at a later time. Keep well.

Geo van Dijk
- Nice hearing/seeing from you on the Web I sure do remember you from those good old days on the radio. I certainly was a fan of Radio Caroline & Radio Mi Amigo. interest Collecting Jingles airchecks Pirate Radio -- 74134.25@compuserve.com

Timo Newton-Syms
tcn1@ukc.ac.uk - Nice web page. I'm a bit young to remember the 'real' Caroline but I know quite a bit about it. Keep it hardcore I'm outta here...

Terry Fox.
fox@global.co.za (fox) Hi there. Yes I remember R.Caroline but from the days before your stint, namely from 1964 to 1968. I've been in South Africa since 1971. I also remember the Mebo 2 - Radio Nordsee Int. - Cheers

- Im a fan from radio caroline etcetera 49 years old.I think that i have many tapes on the garret.from radio caroline etc. I will see we meet again.When i find them you hear more details - jbredenh@euronet.nl

James Furness
- Always been interested in Pirate Radio stations much more of a buzz receiving pirate stations than licensed ones- interest Music- James_Furness@essex-news.co.uk

G. Erkelens
- I was searching for jingles and I found you with the Alta Vista engine- columbia@worldonline.nl

Rene Burcksen
rburcksen@aol.com- As a Dutchman I grew up near Rotterdam while listening to all the great sounds coming from the Northsee. Since 10 years I am living in the USA Washington DC with all its very profesional radio stations and longing for another Caroline Laser 558 Northsea International etc. Where did the time go

Scott Becker
lightwave@tv36.com Contact: Scott Becker LIGHTWAVE MISSION BROADCASTING Kiowa,Ks. 67070 316-825-4209 lightwave@tv36.com director@pcaudio.com

John milton
Hi norman I remember the old Radio Caroline well. I have been listening to the new Caroline on my trips into Kent the past few days.A couple of friends and I often reminise over the good old days of offshore radio. Caroline London City England...........Caroline..The Legend Continues.... John.

Rob Verstraelen
Hello I was just surfing and found something THIS page I'm a club dj and im working for slow radio107.5 FM somewere in the netherlands. CU.

Derek Norry-
Hello from Telford Shropshire long way from your old stamping ground long time as well derek@norry.enta.net

Ken Van Der Heyden
Born in 1953 in holland i lived all the great off shore radio stationsin that era untill i left for canada in 1973.i got a few tapes from Caroline and many more from Radio london and R.N.I who i picked up on shortwave in Toronto. Still miss them all... search for offshore radio I wish more djs would be doing this and keep a great thing alive that kind of radio we had in the 60s and early 70s will never return the broadcast in brutal storms and fire bombings at R.N.I got that on tape to... keep up the good work.... kheyden@interlynx.net

J Bredenhoff
jbredenh@euronet.nl our one thousdandth visitor

Miles R Wilson
Ex pirate radio jock some Radio Caroline and Radio Mi Amigo Roadshows BBC local radio Keep me in touch with the guys. Long time no see from the days of 64/65. Would like to add that I also worked with Gerry Coard in Denmark and with Carl Kingston and many of the lads who helped formulate the Radio scene in the 1960s and 1970s. Would love to be in touch with those from the happy days of radio.I still have many of the records from that period as well as some of the classic Caroline and Mi Amigo promotions disks. I also have some of the Offshore Broadcasting books and material produced by Paul Harris.Who wants to buy a spotmaster with sea water in it I worked in Europe in some great clubs including Daddys Discotheque in Copenhagan Discotheque Downstairs in Herning and others too numerous to mention. Im now driving a computer in the Alumni Association Office in De Montfort Univeristy.- Can you please update my listing Norm. Thanks.

Joost Peters
Was active for more than ten years in the dutch pirate scene

Bob Lawrence
Well, well, well you're alive!! You, Brian Anderson, JJ, Tony Allen etc etc., gave me the inspiration to make a career out of radio. When I was 13 I found all these 'heads' playing all kinds of stuff I'd never even heard of.......you also made me realise how powerful radio was (unfortunately I must use the past tense) in painting pictures. I got to work on The Mi Amigo between ' 78 and ' 80 under the name of Richard Thompson, or Buzby as I became known. I'm currently earning a living from voicing radio and tv commercials, running The Radio Production Company and presenting Sunday mid-mornings on 1152 XTRA am Birmingham. I'm really pleased that you are still at it. I still think of you guys when I hear BJH, Santana, Lou Reed etc. De groetjes en tot de volgende keer, (I can't remember if that's the right spelling - but then maybe you can't either!!!)
PS:- Has anybody got some reasonable quality copies of the Mike Hagler L.A promo spots Bob Lawrence.

Keith York
keith@selfgrow.iol.ie Hi, Keith York here (ex VOP, Atlantic 252 etc) I signed your book a few weeks back but for some reason the comments didn't register when I sent it. Nice web page. You can include my email address in the entry if you like in case anyone who knows me wants to get in contact. Also have a page up myself which is rubbish at the moment, but I'll probably do something interesting with the site when I get some time (http://ireland/iol.ie/midnet/keith/keef.htm). Interests here are anything radio. I noticed that jelle Boonstra signed your book - do you have an email address for him? I worked with Jelle at Radio Capitale in Brussels circa 1981 but lost contact shortly afterwards and havent heard from him since. I know a few ex caroline people here in Ireland who were probably ex-shipmates of yours: Tony Allan, Brian McKenzie etc... Cheers, Keith.