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Plan of the MV Mi Amigo's 1973 layout, with simultaneous broadcasts on 259 & 389Mtrs
Please click on any 'eye' to view a photograph taken at the particular place in the direction indicated by the line. I shall add new photographs to this plan as time permits helping you to get an idea of the layout of the ship.
Plan of the MV Mi Amigo
The image below shows the intermediate tapered 3 sided mast, there having been four altogether, namely the original tubular steel mast which survived until 1972, a short emergency mast used in early 1973, the tapered 3 sided mast and finally from late 1973, the telescopic four sided mast, until the Mi Amigo's demise. Although less elegant than it's predecessor, it proved far more suitable for service at sea, and was far easier to erect.

MV Mi Amigo Elevation